KA72 SpeedReader

New (free) software for NAVI GT-11 GT-31 files (format .SBN)

Yes, finally some easy software for NAVI GT-11 GT-31 gps users to check your speeds. That is what lots of GPS beginners need! Check out this site: http://www.ka72.com/ , already BETA version 7.

I really like it!! Please continue this is what I have been waiting for. Do you also think this is a good development???

KA72 Speedreader

My GPSAR PRO results are really close:
2 second Peak:_______43.13 kts
5x10sec AVG:________40.66 kts
1 hour:_____________13.13 kts
Alpha 500:__________12,24 kts <=== a bit off????\
NM:______________22,65 kts <=== EXACT

And it is really easy, just one step:
- Upload file and immidiatly you get results, for free!!

For the Navi GT-11 and GT-31 we had to use till this point:
  • GPS Results
  • GPSAR Pro
  • Realspeed

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