Boats also beyond 50kn?

On I found a message the 'sailors' of Macquarie Innovation pushed their 'boat' over 50kn... Probably officially over 500m! First boat ever, very nice! Congrats! But now it is time some windsurfer gets a GOOD day...


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From: speedsail

Date: 2009/3/27

Subject: Macquarie Innovation makes history

Hi All,

This is just a very
brief note with more details to come - but essentially, we did it !Macquarie Innovation powered down the Sandy Point speed course last night at an average speed of 50.43 knots. During that run, we hit a peak speed of over 100 km/hr and while the claimed average speed, which is about to be sent for ratification, will be reduced to 50.08 kts due to the tidal allowance, we have sailed our craft in excess of 50 knots.It is the culmination of over 15 years of work by the team and their loyal group of supporters and once again, we wanted to pass on both our sincere thanks and congratulations to you for helping us to create a little piece of yachting history last night. As a result, we will be making a claim for a new class C record which will be just shy of the current outright world record (50.57 kts) held by a kite, but most importantly sets us apart as the only sailing boat in the world to complete a 50 knot run !Once again, congratulations and many thanks for your help in getting us to our goal of 50 knots !



Erik Loots

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