Loft Sails Blade 2010

Is Loft Sails always this quick in releasing racesail data, or is the 2010 just that good to publish it already right now? New sizes/ other aspect ratio.

Blade 2010 mast lengths are shorter than the 2009s- some sails drop down a size for the mast rec.
For example, the 09 6.8 morphs to a 7.0 for 2010. The 6.8 09 is best on a 460rdm, the 2010 7.0 rigs on a 430rdm.
Photos Blade 7.0 2010 with a 100% carb 430 rdm.
Good winds, Monty

In the Netherlands I have noticed Loft Sails are competitive sails, good windsurfers go really fast with the sails. The 2009 had a nice more full belly, now the 2010 a smaller aspect ratio?!? All sound like good developments too me.

I wonder how fast monty went this day... It looks VERY fast, at least 42kn or something...

The sail showed on pictures is a 6.3, THE most used speedsize

Erik Loots

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