[photo's] North Shox.XTR

The first photo's with this innovative technology. I believe it will work great, maybe it would be hard to get the right stiffness, so I hope North found the right stiffness. In the end the total efficiency could benefit! I hope to get a chance to test it for myself and speedsurfingblog, it is serious for me, today I tryed the new X9 masts + NP MXT 48cm extender doesn't fit in the X9 430 with 2cm extension (needed with RS:Slalom MK3 6.2).

Now I could buy a shorter Neilpryde MXT extender, but I decided to wait after I tested the North Shox.XTR. I will buy the North extender (replace the NP) when it has better overall performance. The MXT is a great tool to extend the mast, the best I have tested so far...

For me and my sailingstyle I need to keep everything more stable. Training my muscles would work to keep everything still, but I prefer technology! There is one doubt, the height, it seems at least 3cm higher than the MXT (the Neilpryde MXT extender is quite high compared to Chinook or the older North extenders). I hope to test it soon ;)

(photo's roadmaster www.surf-forum.com)

Erik Loots

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  1. "The first photo's with this innovative technology. I believe it will work great, maybe it would be hard to get the right stiffness, so I hope North found the right stiffness. In the end the total efficiency could benefit!"

    I don't get it. And I'm a fanatic windsurfer, so could you please explain what is innovative?

  2. Hey Harm,

    First it has to be tested, in my case most unbalance in a windsurfer comes from the front of the board (place were the waves first hit). Shock absorbers in front could work out great according to this theory (still it remains a theory).

    North Sails will sell these extenders with shock absorber worldwide, I think this is innovative. Making such a product for a big group.

    I read this is not the first shock absorber, to honest I don't know the history of the other shock absorber (it was with a metal spring?). But North Sails is at this moment the only one producing such an extender on worldwide level.

    All this chit chat is OK, but first I have to experience if the concept works. Windsurfing has to many variables, only real experiences count too me.

  3. I think it is better to get a carbon extender


    or make one yourself:

    to use with NP MXT extention as it will also benefit the performance of the sail, what You can also read about in the second link.


  4. Hi Johny,

    I understand you can influence the total mast bendcurve by using a carbon extender, in some cases it will work out much better.

    The North Shox.XTR is in my case 100% about the shock absorber. The discussion Aluminium or Carbon is another one.



  5. Will You make some review on Your site when You finish testing it?

    I wonder if this extension requires different technque (when it comes to keeping the nose of the board low on the water).

    I also wonder if the shock absorber doesn't consume the energy which can be forwarded to speed (if the up and down move of the absorber doesn't affect the work of the rig or even the whole set).

    Finaly I also wonder if the height of this system doesn't make closing the rig harder leading to power loss.

    I really like Your blog as it is very interesting, keep the good work up :)


  6. Jim CrossleyMay 26, 2010

    Hi, I have got one of the Shox XTRs and have tested a couple of times. I think it really helps with speed and control on short chop (I haven't yet checked GPS speeds with a standard base). The spring compresses as the board hits the face of the chop and then pushes the board down as it travels over. I think this gives a more constant wet area under the board. Like the kit is a couple of Kg less. The rig is high! Needed to lower the boom and move the mast base Fwd. having some bad effects. Also bad is the release pin....can take the skin from the end of your finger! I'm intersted to hear more reports. Jim Crossley