It could be worse

I have double feelings about today, one side I am really stoked about the great conditions we had on the Amstelmeer. So much fun and challenging to handle the gusts. It was hard on the muscles, the Neilpryde RS:Slalom MK3 6.2 was many times too big for good control. But I managed to keep everything together and this is a good feeling.

The downside was 2 GPS's (navi) not functioning like they should... OK one was on low battery, but the other is still jammed (not working, but showing something on display)

Another negative experience, at one point I was standing in 1.30m deep water and noticed my hair was still dry. Interesting on a 80ltrs board, I think 60 seconds later I was going crosswind at about 30kn and my fin got stuck in a bunch of roots (small tree). I forwarded and this time my RS:Slalom survived without any scratch. I swimmed to the fin and saw the fin cutted for 75% the roots. After the session I discovered my trailingedge was broken/bended due the big forces. Interesting was the leading edge is still perfect. Also interesting this fin still did 37kn :P

Just got a email from Sarah Hebert about the Orange Speed Crossing, also has a nice article about this. What a good performance, the SL-S seems to do it all long-distance, slalom and speed ;)... One design.

Lets hope tommorow will be another great day!!! The falcon 79 has again some serious damage after today so this one will be out of order for a while, the bottom has a new crack. Maybe I take the Falcon 262 for a spin (it should be repaired properly first), or my amazing falcon 91 tommorow. It doesn't really matter, I know it will be FUN and good training.

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.

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