1100km total Wad1team distance and more news

As most readers know I am member of www.Wad1team.nl , in the gpsteamchallenge we had a few times problems with the distance discipline. But this month the whole team decided to help, eventhough the best 2 count it was the teamspirit which helped score well. And 1100km total distance by 8 people is not usual for us, a new record. On the Amstelmeer this is really a lot, when comparing with Strand Horst it took at least twice as much energy to do.

Teamsession: http://gpsteamchallenge.com.au/sailor_session/show?date=2010-07-17&team=63

I had the best windsurfing week since a long time, finally after many weeks with wind below 15kn. Some sessions I only went windsurfing to keep a good shape and to talk with some other wad1teamriders. The recordsession was magic as I wrote in the previouw blogpost.  The distance session was also unusual, the session started bad, I wondered if I could reach 100km in the beginning. Also crashed my favorite iSonic 111 fin (Sonntag SL-S430) didn't make it easier. Had to surf 80km with iSonic 86 in 14-18kn and not easy chop.

Finally I reached 150km as promised to the team with the iSonic 86. Did 70km with iS111+ 80km with iS86. Yes I like to keep myself to what I promise. Now onshore the other teamriders convinced me to go for some more distance, at least 200km. After 15 minutes of sitting onshore I found a little bit of energy. Peter de Wit putted a select S10 39cm underneath the iSonic 111 and I was back on full speed. I do like the high average speed the iS111 can do. With Peter hunting me constantly the last 50km went by really fast, the board was more in the air than on the water thanks to the unconsistant chop. A 35.6kn peak on the open water was definitly a new record, this fast was impossible to do with the Falcon 91 at this place for me, but the iSonic 111 smashes all chop or is flying high above the chop. Ofcourse the ultrastable Severne Reflex 7.0 also helped. Again a new record, the Amstelmeer hour and distancerecord was improved!!  Also doing 30kn on crosswind on open water is a new personal record in these conditions

My distance session: http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/?mnu=user&val=64005&uid=870

It is really nice to read a lot of positive comments on the internet and by email. Both windsurfing.nl frontpage and forum. The GPS-speedsurfing.com session page. Also fox sports wrote a nice post about my personal recordsession.

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