C3 Slingshot

c3 slingshot speed fin
The C3 Slingshot 21cm 
Slingshot, Oops I think Boogie did it again!! A brand new out of the box speedfindesign. Now I was reading this Topic and wanted to reply, but thought an article on speedsurfingblog would be better for such news :)

First Martin van Meurs explained the C3 Slingshot will make speedsurfing easier, more accesible for normal people. That is what we all would like to see. Also it doesn't happen often a 100% speedsurfing part is produced, soo this is good news at least 1 more in the surfbusiness dares to invest into speedsurfing.

From my technical analysis the C3 Slingshot is totally opposite of most other 100% speedfin designs I have seen last years. No, I haven't tried the slingshot.

Conventional speedfin designs:  These fins (compared to slalomfins) offer a bit less control, a small working range, in its sweetspot the conventional speedfin has superlow drag. (I think only 2 speedsurfers in the Netherlands are able to really get into the sweetspot of such designs)
C3 Slingshot design:  More control vs slalomfins, a bigger working range vs slalomfin.... Overall a bit more drag? Given the deviations we have, this drag might be overall as good as conventional slalomfins?!?  Everybody will surf in the sweetspot of the slingshot design, speedsurfing will be easier, speedresults will be more consistent. Less potential, less danger, less risk....

Sizes: 19cm / 21cm / 23cm
Website: http://www.c3-fins.com/C3_windsurfer_fins/C3_windsurfing_fin_home.html

When speaking for myself, I keep on training to get used to conventional speedfin designs.... I like the feeling of having a lot of potential underneath my feet, eventhough not being able (yet) to profit,  just hope someday my effort pays out. But for competition (when I want to do it the easy way), I might go for an idea like the slingshot......

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. Hi Erik,
    "Overall a bit more drag?"

    yeah right....
    you should know that with the limited amount of driving power available in the windsurfing set-up that lowest drag of the total set up is what makes you go fast. ...and his board and sail are the same as when he used the C3 Venom24 [slalom style speed fin] compared to the C3 Slingshot21 he uses now.

    how easy they are to sail is just a bonus.


  2. Boogie,

    Won't the C3 Slingshot have more drag in ideal conditions than lets say your X1 / X2 designs?


  3. Hi Erik,

    i have learned a lot on fin design since i designed the X series in 2003 and think the X series has some serious flaws.
    designing for real world performance can differ quite a bit from theoretical peak performance. windsurfing and especially speed surfing at record speeds is happening in a pretty wild and dynamic environment. not in a laboratory. the new SLINGSHOT works in real world conditions, as proven plenty of times now by Jacques as he has been using this fin for a while now.
    and i'm sure thee is more to come when him or Martin gets on a broad course with the SLINGSHOT19.

    fair winds

  4. Thanks Boogie for the reply! If it wasn't clear above, I really respect this new idea you and the rest of team C3 now put now into production. I understand your point of view, from my personal experience we also rarely get lab-conditions. Soo the slingshot will be a better design and less drag in the real worldconditions.

    Foregive me for being a dreamer, I hope someday there will be a speedsurfer talented/skilled enough to stabilize a speedfin in its sweetspot, not always possible, but 1 run will do for a worldrecord. ;). Depending on the speedsurfer his/her skills the fin sweetspot can be made smaller and hopefully more sweet.

    I hope Martin gets some good conditions, there should be at least 1 day when it comes together this year. Would like to see a 50+kn again on GPS, maybe 500m is within reach, would be nice to see finally the 50kn/500m on a windsurfer.