Antoine Albeau his reaction made me thinking

Antoine Albeau reaction on, please foregive the weak French (google)translation:
"It's great, especially for Alexandre Caizergues chasing this record for some time. I think their ideal for that spot is ideal for them and especially when you see the kite 's performance Bringdal Anders is 10 knots behind. I am very happy not to have fallen into the trap.
Sebastien Cattelan (note: the organizer and rider L├╝deritz Speed Challenge 2010) tried to make me come but they have not found opportunities to make a channel also suitable for windsurfing, it's a shame for us.
Now, it should be involved and help to make it work for us, it would be interesting! is a water works with more wind than in the south of France and temperatures are also good.
Windsurfing is not dropped but we are amateurs compared to them because some kite surfers do that! Like others, I am supported by my partner for titles in slalom and Formula, if I had another partner I could do that too. There is a lack of time, preparation and when people register for the channel of Saintes, navigating often 3 to 4 times in 5 months. To give an example, I did make 3 speed boards and I have been able to test that after all these attempts at Saintes!
Today, I do not have 3 or 4 months to go before me at an event like this, help dig up and configure an appropriate channel for windsurfers. Within a few years this will be the case.
But in any case once again, congratulations to Alex! "

Interesting or not??

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. Erik, interesting article but what made you thinking:
    - Happy that he did not fall into the trap to go there?
    - That windsurfers are 10knots slower than kiters?
    - That his partner supports him for slalom/formula but not for speed?
    - That windsurfers are amateurs compared to kiters?

  2. Reason 3&4...

    I made a second version of this article, but decided it was to negative to represent windsurfing/speedsurfing.

    This article included online research, the facts made me confused/sad/angry. But no use to share at this moment.

    I will take the initiative once I proved myself being good for world record. Time will tell, soo far I still improve each year (comparing efficiency and topspeed on the same spots).

  3. An amateur in French has a way better meaning than we in Dutch use the word. But that aside, I guess we all share his reaction when having seen the footage of the channel. But if I'm correct, the channel in the South of France back then received also not the LTC you would expect a record attempt would receive.
    I guess we as amateurs need to prove we have some good spots in Duch-land, capable to deliver. Altough it may therefore not be a yearly recurring event...
    BTW, the entry fee is the same amount I spend on fuel while driving to Gruissan for the Open BK ;-)

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  5. by amateur, he means that those kiters are focusing (specialization) on the speed record by having way more time/ressource in their hands than him.
    they can camp for a long time for speed training and he cant, not the ressource and the time, the windsurfing channel in the south of france has lower wind over time,meaning less training days with good wind
    he also need a different pathway for its windsurfing board ( not the same angle as kiters), he s 10 knots behind because he doesn t have a proper trench, the proper wind and may be a better gear and training time, it s not an excuse , it s just the way it is..

    all that added = can t compete at the same spot with the same training.

    i m french, i just try to make things a bit more clear for you.

  6. Thanks for clearing things out Anonymous!

  7. But if we see the Dutch results in the south-of-france, it's really clear the the south of france still has a big speed-potential.

    The fanatic dutch guys drive 10 weekends a year 2000km for some fast speedsessions at their ultimate trainingspot.

  8. Hi,

    we had a discussion about the channel in Luderitz an other useful speedspots for windsurfers at our forum, too.

    Luderitz has defently the advantage of very strong winds for a long period. Of course the channel is not perfect for windsufers. The sand "stops" the wind and the channel is too small...But on the other hand Antoine pointed out the weak point of suitable spots for the windsufers. It's defently the wind. Not only the channel in St. Maries de la Mer has only a few days a year enough wind. You have the same problem with nearly all of the other proven fast spots. The Brace, Vollerwiek, Southend and so on.
    In my opinion with this spots your only possibility is a standby-event like Driven by wind.
    Okay, La Franqui has more windy days, but is this spots suitable for 50knots about 500m? I don't know. This spot has defently proven his potential for the NM. But for 500m? If you have to bear of for super high speeds it would not be a suitable spot (Interesting: I heard the difference between the Topspeed and the Average over 500m was below 1Knot at Antoine's 49,09knots Run).

    Just a few things about that. You can read the complete discussion at the forum, but it's in german...