Bjorn wins 2010 Speed Classic The first competition day Bjorn used the W54 + 6.2/5.6 for offshore winds 25-35kn. The 5th day (2nd competition day) there was a race with onshore wind, here Bjorn use the iS90 and iS107. I tried the iS94 (with sonntag SL-S 340) last year and this board rocks in choppy conditions, like a hovercraft it flies over everything leaving everybody else behind. I am amazed the iS107 can also perform in onshore speedconditions, yeah the iS107 or iS111 can do it all ;)

Interesting to see, onshore winds are acceptable for speedcompetition in France. It is totally different compared to the Netherlands, maybe the whole speed:world:cup is something way different than what we are doing in the Netherlands.

It could be good for the dutch competition level when also include conditions that will prepare dutch riders better for speed world cup. Why not?? Now dutch competition results are only valid on Stand Horst, a spot that has no equal around the world.

The video of sailing with onshore winds, looks like fun, but also a lot danger to break some equipment.


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  1. Jesper KinnåsNovember 23, 2010

    Erik, the gusts was a lot stronger than 35 knots the first day. Actually around 60 knots. But the gusts were not as common in the afternoon.
    And the only reason they held a heat in the on-shore conditions is the problem of moving the video timing. I counted to 8 broken sails/rigs and one broken ankle.

  2. I would like a speed contest at Makkum Beach for instance !! Real chop in stead of Horst wrinkles. Cheers, Luc

  3. haha Luc,

    I bet you end top-3 when having this speed contest at Makkum Beach