Wind wind wind wind

Yeah we should get a little bit more wind than average last month, winddirection West South West. Which probably forces all speedsurfers to look for speedspots without tide :(, not much to do about this. Soo 95% chance it will be Strand Horst for me, at this moment it looks like the best solution, afterall I have to get my tuning at better level after the total loss last USM

Today some sweet windsurfing in much better tempratures 12 degrees celsuis, like summer ;). Starboard iSonic 107 does it job very good so far, I like the board behaviour. It is very much like iS111 (2010), but better topspeed after breaking all big board records with the iS107. Today I used the Sonntag Fins SL-P 40cm for the first time, I would call it fast. Even some smaller fins could not beat the best run ;)

I hope for a great windsurfing day tomorrow! Lets see what speed everybody does. In case for recordconditions I just want to do more speed with my current gear. For strand horst/ speedcompetition I have to test at least 4hours with wind (walking/standing in water or onshore does not count).

Wind wind wind, I like it

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. Professional in construction dewatering. He likes adventures and challenges. During his life he is trying to create a better world, inspire or help others to get the best out of themselves and have respect for the earth and nature.