Dangerous fishtraps on Amstelmeer!!

Today I got shaken up, full crash into a fishtrap at 67.5 km/h (36.5kn) on the Amstelmeer. Or should I say windsurfertrap?? Broke 1 fin, harnass +line gone..Lets start with the beginning.

Yesterday I got the 2011 Starboard Futura 93 from Hans Kleingeld to try, did also some windsurfing at Strand Horst. This morning I did a quick check if the Brace would be OK, but it didn't.

Soo went to the Amstelmeer, nice sunny weather, strong wind. PERFECT to explore the new futura potential. At the schapendijk I saw this fisherman again in his boat (I told him about the problems we had), it turned out he worked hard and even more dangerous lines in the water now (I guess he didn't understand me). Rigged my 6.2 and SL-S 34cm. First reach was powerfull, but a bad feeling (everywhere could be a new fishtrap). After the first gybe and back I hitted a new fishtrap at lower speed. After this on the way back a low 60km/h run

The first real run (35kn)  I decided to open the throttle more and it went well, not completly balanced (but futura doesn't mind this). Hitted nothing, all OK. Back again a high 60km/h run.

Second run it went wrong,  I hitted the fishline (in my best run). I knew my fin was gone, about 1 or 2 sec I was still on the board, but the wind/waves got too strong and I was full downwind, full catapult. Now I can tell you without a fin it is DAMN hard to brake!! The equipment felt like even accelerating. I was damn happy the fin broke from safety point of view, it gave me 2 seconds to respond, I bet if it wasn't a strong gust it would be OK to brake 'normal'. Still sore feelings I had soo much good memories with this fin, but called Joerg and ordered a new one.

Speed vs Time during crash
I had no other fin with me, soo sitted on the futura and floated to Lutjestrand, this took almost 50minutes. Yes, in water around 3 degrees Celsius... Here wad1team members Gauke and John picked me up, and I was damn lucky they saw me crash! And it could have been soo much worse.

Here you can find the GPS-speedsurfing details: http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/default.aspx?mnu=user&val=72738&uid=870

About the Futura 93, first experience was great! Sonntag SL-S 34cm is working perfect and the futura has taken speed&control to new levels. I have to test more (now only 23 minutes time on water), but after today I wouldn't be affraid to chose the Futura 93 as my "90-liter-speedweapon", the fact I had not found to ultra balanced settings yet but still the board was very much in control! Very good value for money (you even get a fin). Next time I try to reach close to my Amstelmeer PR.

About the fishtraps, I will definitly will do my very best to get these fishtraps at some safe depth or safe location. Not acceptable for a spot visited by thousands of windsurfers/sailors and other water recreants. I windsurf at the Amstelmeer since 2006 and never experienced soo much trouble.

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. I don't know the fishingrules (about invisible lines), but I think you could go to the police to report the damage?

  2. We've got the same problem during spring on the Slotermeer. I guess it's legal, nothing you can do! Glad I haven't reached high 60's runs overthere... anybody else know some way or solution for this problem? I'd be glad to hear

  3. Hi Guys,

    Had fun sunday. Spoke to John today, he wanted to know if i'll upload some movies. Well i'm doing som light editing and will make 2 short movies. Will post here once I,ve uploaded them.


  4. Hi,

    Uploaded the first movie with me and Marco surfing (sorry Eric, you were off the water already);


    No sound though.
    I'll upload the next movie in a few days.

    Have fun.



  5. Nice video Eric, show how beautiful the conditions were. Stupid fishtraps... Lets hope the effort of reporting my story helps making the Amstelmeer good to windsurf without danger.

  6. Hi Guys,

    The second movie is online too:


    This time not just me and Marco.
    Unfortunately the resolution is not so high, still looking fast though.
    Cam resolutio is 428 * 240 (widescreen 16:9) while YouTube shows a mere 240.
    So if you want better or more video material let me know when you'll be surfing at the Amstelmeer again and I'll bring a DVD.
    You can PB me at windsurfing.nl as Eric GvE.

  7. Hi Erik,

    Hope you'll enjoy the second movie even more.
    They star your surfbuddies! Too bad you crashed, otherwise you'd be in it too.

    The conditions were great except for the fishing lines. I hit 1 too, though not quite as fast as you did, and could jump across one at the last moment. Well thats 1 good thing about not going that fast. Should try some new gear for real speed.
    These lines were just where You normally would surf right? Even worse they were just not visible enough. That really makes it dangeres to surf at the Amstelmeer.

  8. Uploaded the second movie again, this time in a better resolution. :


  9. I sail on Portland Harbour in the UK. Sunday 16th I did my first ever 30+knot 5x10secs so was over the moon - still am!
    When I went back downwind to de-rig someone a bit further out was being rescued as he hit submerged fishing lines. I too in the past have been catapulted by one. They attach them to empty 2l bottles here and the line trails 30/40m or so. I now just untie the bottle if I see one.

    When someone approached the fishing boat he was less than friendly so in future their lines will get cut before they cause more accidents.
    Glad you didnt hurt yourself - and great blog by the way.

  10. Cutting fishnets seems a radical solution. But getting in big trouble (with danger for life) is something that should be avoid.

    PS I added the Redsurfbus blog to the 150+++ blogs list.


  11. Thank you for adding mine. And thank you for taking hours of my life while reading your work here. Its a pleasure to read and has helped me understand a lot more about the sport. My ambition is similar to yours, I want to get into the top 50 in the next few years.....maybe even higher