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18 January 2011

Links - 150 windsurf Blogs

Now the newest list with links to all blogs I know, new are the catagories. Just contact me to add your blog (because I don't know everything online ;) ). This list contains over 150 blogs (most are regular updated) about windsurfing. Click on the title "Links -  Blogs" to see the whole list (when looking from homepage), and check out if your favorite blog is on the list.

Windsurfing Holiday/Location Blogs About windsurfing in Argentina Learning windsurfing in Argentina  About windsurfing in Bonaire About 'in the flow' windsurfing
experiences, and about windsurfing in Croatia About windsurfing in Colombia About windsurfing in Malaysia About windsurfing at Kanaha Kai Maui About windsurfing at Maui About windsurfing in Maui About windsurfing at UK South Coast (wavesailing) About windsurfing in Brazil About windsurfing in Brazil About windsurfing in Ireland About windsurfing at South Coast of Oregon About windsurfing in Gruissan/ Leucate (South France) About windsurfing between Argelas and Gruissan (South France) About windsurfing in Ferrol (North Spain) About windsurfing at Swedish westcoast About windsurfing at Long Island, United States About windsurfing in United States About windsurfing in Tenerife About windsurfing at Pozo About windsurfing at Pozo About windsurfing at Pozo ABout UK ans forwards ;) Windsurfing in US Windsurfing in Sweden Windsurfing at Texel (Netherlands) Windsurfing at San Fransisco Windsurfing at Guernsey Windsurfing in Croatia Windsurfing in Croatia (my favorite) Windsurfing in Honduras Windsurfing in Caribbean Learning how to windsurf in Roatan US Windsurfing in Japan About US windsurfing Windsurfing in Greece Windsurfing in UK (Poole Harbor) Windsurfing in Ukraine Windsurfing in Slovenia Windsurfing in estonia Blog from Japan Windsurfing in Reeuwijk (Netherlands) Windsurfing in Italy Windsurfing in Lithuania Windsurfing At Veerse Meer (Netherlands) Windsurfing at Gouwzee (Netherlands) Windsurfing in Ferrol (Spain) Windsurfing in Italy

Windsurfing News Blogs Very nice looking site The Dutch news website!  One of the most successful news blog, by Brian Mcdowell One of the very best... Epic Sessions TV blog A news blog from the Netherlands! Windgirls news All blog news on one site US blogs Windsurf news from Russia  magazine blog the online magazine-blog version of surf Da News blogspot news digit Da News facebook news digit Nice one! Starboard/Severne related news small news blog Dutch windsurfing magazine News about Hotsails News about Sonntag Fins (my favorite fins)

Speedsurfing Blogs speedsurf blog Alastair Nichol his blog, speedsurfer from Ireland. Regular updates! Chris Freeman his blog Herman Maes his blog (many many interesting tech stuff) Juliska vd Plas her blog Martyn Ogier his blog The Dutch Fun Speed Blog, very complete with forum etc Speedsurfing in Estonia SA Speed Demons blog Simon Hinkley his blog Speedsurfing Sweden Jesper Kinnas his blog (swedish) Armand van Renssen his blog Robert de Leeuw his blog Dutch speedblog Tim Hemer his blog Mark van Osch his blog Ruben Langius his blog Marco Bal his blog Oisin van Gelderen his blog A french speedsurfer A very good site about speedkiting The German speed website Speedteam Lauwersmeer Speedteam Wad1team (northwest Netherlands) Dutch website The speedcompetition in United States Dirk Doppenberg his blog Edwin van Santen his blog Anders Björkvist his blog Alex Doukas his blog mission of Lea to raise money for British Heart Foundation

Longboard windsurfing Blogs Expedition Windsurfing

Slalom Blog Andrea Macke his blog Chris Pressler his blog (nice design good content, what else from continent7 founder) Gutek Kurczewski his blog John Munten his blog  Kay van Berlo his blog Peter Volwater his blog Thorsten Niehaus his blog Katsumi Teramae his blog Yoshikuni Yoshiyama his blog de Souza his blog Alizee de Souza her blog

Other personal windsurfing blogs James Douglas his blog can't figure the location out... Ruben his blog (youngster) Surfipiiga her blog The Water Turtle John M.P. Knox his blog A russian blog A russian blog about windsurfing :)

RS:X & other racboard classes Blog Cindy Koopman her blog (RS:X) Team USA Nancy Rios The dutch TECHNO surfers About the dutch Tehno class talents About RS:X

Formula Blog Sean O'Brien his blog (always very nice design!!!) Dennis Littel his blog (slalom/formula) Henrik Carstens his blog Steve Bodner his blog THE formula website Lots of info on dutch formula scene

Wavesailing Blog Anne Marie Reichman her blog Cattazen his blog Cornelia van der Schilden her blog (wavesailing) Chuck from Belgium his blog Chris "muzza" Murray his blog (wavesailing) Flying Frenchman his blog John Skye his blog Jonas Handekyn his blog Kevin and Matt Pritchard blog Mattias Lindstrom his blog (wavesailing) Martin ten Hoeve his blog Marius his blog Nick Warmuth his blog Ole Emil his blog Pablito his blog (young guy) Peconic Jeff his blog Leysa Perotti her blog Roly from UK his blog Russ (Ezzy) his blog Ryan O Leary his blog Tanya Saleh her blog Tatiana Howard her blog Tine Slabe his blog Vikcky Sanchez her blog

Freestyle Blog Alessio Stillrich his blog Anna Jöhnssen her blog Björn Verheul his blog (freestyler with many updates) Hakman (swedish??) his blog Henrik Hagen his blog Jakob Kosmowski his blog Niklas Stralen his blog Patrick Baghus his blog Paul Zeper his blog Remko de Zeeuw his blog (freestyler) Rik Kruidhof his blog (freestyler) River Rippers, freestyle on river! Sam van Broek his blog Simon Immes his blog Steven Gibson his blog Thijs Westbroek his blog (freestyler) Thomas Addison his blog Vincent Wind his blog (freestyler)

21 Responses:

Mark van Osch said... - Thé windsurf news and community site in the Netherlands! ;-) :-)

Great list Erik, very handy!

DaNews said...


Nice list

Anonymous said... ,for Speed and slalom in France (Britany )

Erik Loots said...

Danews, I added your facebook blog page.

About this will be the next link page with online communities. And you will definitly be on this list
Check out your in my top 10 favorite windsurf websites!

Frank said... :: rivers are our playgrounds ::

Erik Loots said...

Added river-rippers under freestyle. Let me know when this is the wrong catagory

Warrior said...

Thanx Bro, I guess it is bog honour for me becouse my site after link have MY FAVORITE
thanx again for that, warrior,

Erik Loots said...

Hi Warrior, just a small effort. I know you have many links too speedsurfingblog and this makes me very happy!!


Dana Miller said...

Greetings Erik. Yeah thanks for sharing this compilation. Dig your blogs too. And I'd be stoked and honored if I may submit my quarterly zine from the south Oregon coast. There's a blog on the report page that get's updated when ever I get worthy photos. With respect and gratitude. Dana

Erik Loots said...

Hi Dana your site is added, it would be great if you linked back to speedsurfingblog on your site ;)


Oisín van Gelderen said...

Nice one Eric !
Good winds in 2011 !

Erik Loots said...

Thanks Oisín!! Lets hope for a windy 2011

windclubmarazul said...

Club-Escuela Windsurf Mar Azul, en Almerimar (Almeria) España.

Nuestro socio es: Actual Campeón del Mundo 2010 Victore42


Un cordial saludo

lou piot said...

This is first time i am visiting on this site and this site is very nice.Thanks for sharing this site with us..

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the links..

Master said...

thanks for the links! Speedsurfingblog is a nice blog!
Good Winds in 2012, best wishes from

Josef said...

Hi, here is GPS speed site in Czech rep. :

Anonymous said...
Windsurf in corsica !

Aftas surf said...

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