Fanatic Falcon Speed 45 & 51 [2011]

The new falcon speed is mainly developed by Peter de Wit who does windsurf at the same spots as I do, and I bet his ideas will be a guaranty for a true gps-speedboard. There will be 2 sizes 45 and 51cm wide, if I remember correct both have a bottomshape with a V/ doubleconcave combination.

From what I saw on the water the 51 is a board for flat till choppy water, with real flying in control behaviour, soo an efficient ride for the advanced windsurfer. The 45 looks more like the safe bet, a board that you CAN control in highwinds, a board that can handle lots of power (suitable for "newschool" widebase fins), doing high 40kn and a sudden big chop/wave could be OK to handle, pretty much the right ingredients for records ;).

I have good memories of the old falcon speed, this board is still fast... And ofcourse a thrill to ride. Good to see even fanatic still invests in speedsurfing, it keeps the speedgame more interesting for sure!

2011 is definitly the year with the most new production speedboards come out, its crazy (and good)! 3x starboard, 2x fanatic, 2x F2, 3x Carbon Art,  2x Mistral/Nude???  I mean 10- 12 new production models to choose from and I bet there are some new production speedboards missing.

More info about the fanatic speedboard:

Erik Loots

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  1. I cannot decide which I prefer the look of - this or the isonic carbon. I think the isonics look better in the bigger sizes, and the falcons dont. But this smaller falcon does things to me only a woman should be able to do ;-) I want/need to get my hands on one.

  2. I can imagen how hard it will be too choose your board ;). But I think both choises will be great.

    When talking for myself its not hard, with a weak spot for starboard. I like the fact starboard offers equipment for the whole family. At this moment we look at the Phantom 320 for lightwinds fun (lucky me a good friend just bought one to try). I was actually thinking a Phantom 320 also could be usefull for your 1000nm challenge (especially those nice summer (holiday) days with a weak windstrenght)

    Just pick the brand that is best according to your idea. Simple :)

  3. I think I have just bought a manta 54cm for real speeds - it will be my big speed board, I have a smaller but never get to use it as the jump is too big from 90l to 65l.

    For lightwinds I am swapping my Carve133 for an isonic 135 and getting a 9m. This should get me going in 10-12knots. For real light winds I have a SUP with a mast track, good for learning sail/body moves.

  4. Yes, just confirmed the manta 54cm is now mine at a bargain price. 40knots here I come

  5. For sure 40kn is possible on manta 54cm :)

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