Driven by Wind

This event is really one of my favorites, I hope that I can try my speeds out some day over there. To have a go I just have to manage 1200,- pounds, so maybe (if the event will be continued) next year or even later. It is good to see that the lucky bastards are going very fast, but I can name a few dutch sailors that would have been fast(er)... I am not talking about beating Finian, but there are sailors that will end close. I hope some day not almost all factory sponsorship money is not going to the PWA (sailors). However there is one brand that is trying to make the difference:, I really hope that the other brands will follow, because that will give 'other' very fast sailors an chance to take it to the next level.

Event stats:
by:___________Dave White
sponsors:______Result Clothing
_____________Spare room project
_____________Mikes Boatyard

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Erik Loots

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