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For everyone that would like to buy gear for better results in speedsurfing. The best tip I can give you for beginners start on a 100ltrs slalomboard with a 6.5-6.7 sail. But for start, try to go as fast as you can on your current equipment. It will give you some extra experience (compare feeling) when you buy 'new' gear.

Yes speedsurfing is expensive, the whole speedsurfgame is costing me about 2500,- euro in 1 year including fuel. I just own 3 Boards/2 Sails/2 Masts/1 Boom/1 Wetsuit/1 Harnass/5 fins. There are a lot of national speedsurfers that do invest a lot more money, but to invest all your money in equipment is not the best way to get faster.

My tips for saving money and perform best in speedsurfing...

Less IS more!

1. For speedsurfing you only need 2 sails
The sails are important, you need 2 sails to cover some conditions. I would suggest for pure speed a sail between 5.5 and 6.0 + a sail between 6.5 and 7.0. Don't try to safe a lot of money on your sail or mast!!! 2 good sails + 1 surfboard is far superior compared to 2 bad sails + 2 surfboards.

2. For speedsurfing you only 1 fast board
In the Netherlands there are not many places to go really fast, so unless your weight is <70kg>2. For speedsurfing you only need 1 board for best 'average' results
I know for sure that an 80-85lt slalom/speedboard is the one you should pick. From the CA range I would recommend almost anyone to take the CA speed 50. I used my CA SP50 80% of all my sessions. To learn and feel how boards behave beginners can better start on from 100-115 ltrs slalomboards.

3. For speedsurfing you only need 1-2 fins
I sound crazy but it is really an fact that 1 fin works the best in the end. The main problem is how to find that fin. Most people buy an range for their boards and test all, in the end you only use 1 fin. To save money I would recommend to ask sponsored people with the same board, it would save you $$$. You can always ask me, I have a few connection with some teamriders.

4. Small gear
Aluminium extender, carbon boom and a good harnas. When you don't have the Neilpryde MXT, buy a rigwinch. (when you get a serious speedsurfer, your aluminium boom will probaly not survive)

5. Spend your time on the water
When the winds picks up above 15kn, be there! Experience is very important to go fast.

6. Up to date
Don't forget to keep your gear up-to-date, development is still going strong, I really do think it is better to have less new equipment than a lot of old equipment. However take in mind that old boards & fins can be very competitive!!! Old sails are often not performing very well, it is like a old engine, it runs but not smoothly.

7. You win some, you loose some
You cannot win every day, I really always do post, and it happens that way less experienced speedsurfers beat me 1 day. But it is always good to see how you compare to the other speedsurfers, on your good days, and your bad days.

8. Buy your gear from (national) pro's
Most good gear is owned by the fastest pro's, so if you want to best buy the old gear of them. Sails are often tuned in every way, battentuning/masttuning/campressure/etc. Boards are as smooth as possible, often sanded to get them fast. Fins are polished/smooth. And most pro's do sell their gear really cheap.

9. Check speedsurfing sessions
One of the best things you can do on the internet is checking sessions on www.gps-speedsurfing.com . When I didn't was sponsored and didn't know that much I really liked to see what other windsurfers with the same lenght & weight were doing in comparable conditions. This way I prevented to buy gear that doesn't work for me.

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