Official Speed Sailing Record (WSSRC)

The official speed sailing record is HOT, it won't take very long till this record will be broken. The only question is, what sailing craft will be the one? There are a few serious contenders:

  1. Kitesurfers (Tillman Heinig/ Sebastian Catelan)
  2. Windsurfers (Finian Maynard/Antione Albeau)
  3. Sailors (Hydropthere)
1 Kitesurfers stats
Outright 500m:________46.2 knots
GPS Topspeed (doppler)__57.5 knots
GPS 500m (doppler)_____50.9 knots

Kitesurfers are surfing records on very shallow places, so far I know depth is very important for high speeds. On the same place windsurfers are still faster, it is making me think... Because kitesurfers are surfing with such limited depths, it would solve any cavitation problems, because the air/surface is very close... I dont know if the fins ever release from bottom, from my experience : touching the bottom is not really slowing me down... The kite will provide vertical lift, but is it enought to get the board out? Or are they using the bottom to keep to board on the surface.

2 Windsurfers stats
Outright 500m:________48.7 knots
GPS Topspeed (doppler)__51.1 knots
GPS 500m (doppler)_____47.6 knots

Windsurfers are now focussed at the efficiency game. It is really remarkeble to see how fast windsurfers can go. When you look at graphs of hydrofoils:

1) An hydrofoil connected to the surface has an higher Lift/Drag
2) Assymitrical fins do have an higher Lift/Drag.

For taking the record maybe we should try to make fin that are very powerfull at the base?? That is the reason why I do like the Tectonics Falcon, they are quite powerfull at the base.

3 Sailors stats
Outright 500m:________46.5 knots

Sailors have a few problems... It is very expensive... They do have very big leverage, so materials have to take very strong forces. But there is still a lot off potential for the sailors, in the future when better materials are developed this will be the strongest contenders.

On the same course is are the windsurfers or sailingboats mostly ruling the game. A windsurfer you cannot catch Hydorpthere on the NM on open water... A kitesurfer cannot catch an windsurfer on the 'regular' speedstrip.

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