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The last time I was surfing on a new place called "the brace" it was an very big walk 1.8km, so I was thinking... What is the weight of my gear??? I was thinking it should be between 15-25kg...

small gear weight

Chinook 38cm RDM extender ALU (incl rope)___720 g
Chinook 38cm RDM extender Carbon (incl rope)_520 g
Select SL7 33cm_______________________ 348 g
Select SL7 29cm_______________________ 310 g
Select SL7 27cm_______________________294 g
Tectonics Falcon F1 28cm_________________324 g
Mastfoot (cheap model)__________________340 g
Finbolts_____________________________20 g
NAVI gps____________________________100 g
Garmin Fortrex________________________62 g
Aquapack____________________________92 g
1 Carbon Art footstrap___________________105 g
1 Sticker (sponsor)______________________20 g
Shim_______________________________159 g

big gear weight

Carbon Art Speed 44___________________5100 g
Carbon Art Speed 50___________________6000 g
Carbon Art Slalom 62___________________6500 g
Gaastra Vapor 6.5_____________________5200 g
Gaastra Vapor 5.5_____________________4800 g
Gaastra RDM mast 100% 4.00m___________1360 g
Gaastra RDM mast 100% 4.30m___________1660 g
AMEX carbon boom 160-220 incl lines_______3400 g

Heaviest combination

CA Slalom 62_____6500
Gaastra Vapor 6.5_5200
4.30 mast_______1660
AMEX boom_____3400
Alu extender______720
Select SL 33cm____348
NAVI +Garmin____162
Total weight_____18.5 Kg
excl dirt

Lightest combination

CA speed 44_____5100
Vapor 5.5_______4800
4.00m mast_____1330
Carbon ext_______520
AMEX boom_____3400
Select SL7 27cm___294
Total weight_____15.8Kg
excl dirt

So the current speedsurfing topperformance speedequipment total weight is between 15-20kg.

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