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19 December 2008

How To: Start Speedsurfing

Like going fast? Do you want to know who is faster? Now for everybody has free statics & help to start speedsurfing.

Speedsurfing is for everyone, don't think you'll need a speedboard or small slalomboard. No everyone can join, even if you only have a freestyleboard. There are many different rankings, and you can set fun goals like:

-Be the fastest sailor on your homespot (or country)
-Longest distance sailed on your homespot (or country)
-fastest gybe
-Fastest formulaboard

So freeriders, wavesurfers, slalomsurfers, formula, etc. try and join the club. Be the first to join of your homespot! Be the fastest on a waveboard ever, do 1000 miles a year! Etc. There are millions of challenges!!

What skills you need before starting speedsurfing???

  • Being able to surf in the footstraps
  • Being able to use a harnass
  • Being able to get a windsurfing equipment planning

3 Steps to begin speedsurfing
Total costs speedsurfing= gps + aquapack + sandisk SD card = 110 + 35 + 10= 155,- euro's

STEP 1_______Buy & tune your GPS unit
There are 2 new gps units that are good enough: NAVI GT-11 and NAVI GT-31
In the secondshand market a garmin fortrex 201 or gecko 201 is also fine, but don't buy a new garmin! Why? Garmin gps is no accurate enough, good for amateur sailors. I think most ofthe time a new NAVI is cheaper than a new Garmin. The NAVI costs like 110,- euro's. Take a sandisk SD card to save all your sessions, it is a lot easier to read the files out of the NAVI with sd-card.

The gps unit need some waterproof cover like aquapack, the aquapack costs like 35,- euro's

Everything about your gps settings/setup: click here

STEP 2_______Register
Register under your real name on

STEP 3_______Download software
For beginners I would recommend gpsresults to post your tracks on, this software is free for 1 month, and the easiest userinterface. You can also go for GPSAR (software works for 3 months), but GPSAR is more difficult to understand. From the downunder you got realspeed, this is the only one I never used.

Start posting surfsession
Put your gps in aquapack and start surfing!! After these 3 steps you can start posting your surfsession, you and your (surf)spot will get noticed! 

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