Hydropthere, Worldrecord broken?

Rumors l'hydroptère did today a topspeed of 61kn (113km/h), how did this happen??? And also the rumors are followed by a 500m record of 55kn (101km/h). 

It seems the day ended in a catapult, I mentioned it earlier but those french sailors are taking risks for the Nautical Records. 

I am quite happy my favorite boat might be new worldrecord holder!!! 

Translation: "The Hydoptère capsized and then returned to about 400 m from the coast, the mast and foils, wings so that the trimaran fleet above the sea, ending 
up under water. 
Caused by the wave and a gust of wind damage occurred while the Hydrofoil reached 55 knots. Stabilized on 500 m, this speed would
 have been the world record in sailing."

Hydropthere crash
Is it a outright record or not?!? I'll keep you up-2-date!

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