Hydroptère vs Windsurfing, is there any hope?

On 21th of Decembre 2008 Hydroptere had huge numbers on the dail,  and on the 3th of Decembre Sailrocket did also an amazing topspeed.
  • Hydroptère did 61kn peak
  • Sailrocket did 51.8kn peak
Windsurfer, do we have a advantages left?
I have been searching the internet, and I see a lot of concerned windsurfers. Will we be able to beat those monsterboat's? And nobody can answer that question. I know only a few advantages of windsurfers, those can't be beaten by boats:
  1. We can move 90% of the total weight during a speedrun in less than a second, from the mastfoot to the backfootstrap. I think this also explains why "we" windsurfers can survive extreme windgusts. Kiters or sailboats can't keep into the water.
  2. Windsurfers and Kitesurfers can sail almost everywere, easy to move, and a bit cheaper.
But why did we lost our top position?
There are some disadvantages for windsurfers too, and we have to work at those. I can't believe it is impossible. The main problem is lack of knowledge, what do we speedsurfers really know? In this world a very little group of individual speedsurfers have done serious research. The big research is often very moderate...
  1. We have to get more information on taillift, especially what is the finlift we need? The "best" fins are making the bottomlift of your speedboard almost zero. Finian Maynard mentioned after his speedrecord he didn't feel any chop... This is what we're looking for. Holy grail of control & massive speeds
  2. Less drag on findesign, look @ the hydroptere massive foils, bottomsection looks like a supcavitation section to me! This could also explain why the boat started to accelerate @ very high speed, when  the vacuumbulb is complete a massive drag-reduce will follow, or in other words the lift increased a lot (gust). This foils looks very intresting, a normal foil combined with a supercavition section.. But also the supercavitation section looks normal behind the first 3% of the foil.


  3. From my sails I can't actually think of any better. The Neilpryde RS Racing which are simply really the best, are just all most sailors could ask for. Some other brands are really close, but NP has that very good balance between stiffness vs twist vs profile.
  4. Boarddesign, for ultimate speed, I would think the board has to be good in flying. So a good noselift is required. I think to get started the boarddesign has a lot of influences. Overall the boarddesigns are also very good at this point. Plenty of good designs like the carbon art speed, fanatic falcon speed, f2 missile xs, etc.

Boats & kiter problems
Can they keep it down? Foils under angle like the hydroptere are the smartest solution, but every design with a sail under a an angle (like sailrocket, kiters) have serious issues keeping just on the water. I'll expect many extreme pictures of boats /kiters flying above the water.

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