Neilpryde RS:Racing Evo II [preview]

Neilpryde RS Racing EVO2

The new RS Racing (EVO2)  from the Neilpryde development program should be around Februari 2009 in the Netherlands. The sail does look like his previous brothers, only one very visible change. The change is above the boom the mast became shorter and the sail wider.

I heard this change is giving more range. I don't know if the topspeed is improved or still the same, but for lightweight like me it will be easier since the sail is a bit softer.

Only one thing I keep wondering... Is the sailprofile like the RS Racing or like the RS Racing EVO1? I like both, but the EVO1 profile was giving extra control and extreme speed in lightwind conditions. A big difference with the RS Racing (evo 0). I would prefer the evo1 with an changed outline, but we'll see.

Check this cool video from Neilpryde: "Race against the machine"


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