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29 March 2008

New gear!!!

Select SL7 25
Select Devil 29

more to come:
Select devil 25

16 March 2008

08 March 2008

Speedsurfing @ its best

broke my PR's again, almost 40kn/500m, my goal...


Really funny that the dutchman are flying lately in the overall 2008 ranking.

Rene Mienes, my Gaastra/Kater teammate took some pictures, if I get my hands on it I will post it.

I really am considering weightvest after today, since it was today really hard to keep track. Did a lot of tuning but nothing turned out to be great.

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04 March 2008

Bad session...

First time on Lauwersmeer spot
First time on <5.5>
First time >50knots wind
Very intresting session, I was having a hard time... Lot of guys were going 10 knots faster. Next time I hope to be confident to use the throttle. Now I think to have some solutions for the problems I was having, but the main thing that was holding me was my common sense...
next time better and respect for the fast guys.

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02 March 2008

The 50 knots board

One of the fastest boards one the planet, I am a proud CA owner. Chris did a amazing thing breaking the 50 knots. I am really hoping that Chris gets the oppurtunity to take 50kn/500m.

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