Neilpryde RS:Slalom MKIII [preview]

Woooowww, up close this sail looks fast, finaly a detailed 3d picture!!! The curves are just so smooth and the leech is really a pryde-leech.

Do you guys like the look of the 2009 RS Slalom?

Neilpryde RS Slalom MK3 MKIII

Erik Loots

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  1. The sail looks really nice! But I am not totally sure that the cutout is really an improvement. Will be interesting to see which sail is faster when the PWA events start

  2. I do believe in the concept, but agree:

    "First see some results, or try... than believe"

  3. On the clew cutout, see Barry's comments on my question to him on the mauisails forum.

    What strikes me more however is how NP insists on having huge amounts of tension in their race sails. The sail just looks like it could explode any minute under such load! Imagine rigging this in Oz (where this picture was taken) in 40°c (today in Sydney)... I'd be scared shitless! (not to mention the wrinkles of course... look at the action pictures from diabolofunboard!)


  4. Hi BEL 29,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Of course there is always the big question how much tension is usefull in a sail. Don't forget we need lightweight sails, because heavy sails respond slow.

    Conclusion: we need a minimum of materials to hold the shape of the sail.

    I do know Neilpryde does test the sails a lot before production like no other company. The wrinkles are not dangerous at all, both my RS Racing sails do have some wrinkles. Also since the downhaul tension has become less over the past few years in the NP RS series. Have seen the pics on diabolo funboard, but I really like the powerfull shape

    Sorry but I can't remember Barry Spanier posting anything real possitive about Neilpryde (after he stopped designing for NP). I do like the Maui Sails TR-designs (TR-3/TR-4), just don't like the bullshit.

    Some people doubt Neilpryde, I concluded if you want constant performance/quality there is no other brand like NP. I am really happy to get some support from Neilpryde.


  5. Hi Eric

    I don't think Barry said the clew cut-out wouldn't work; he's just sceptical about it. He knows he's been wrong before (MS was one of the last to switch to wide-sleeve race sails), but he's also been right before (remember the NP's batwing leech?!). (Also, I still can't see why moving up more sail area above the boom would make a sail more controllable...)

    Clearly NP is moving towards less powerful high-tension rigs. And of course they're marketing it as an innovation, but hey - that's what marketing is all about. We know better.

    There's no doubt that NP makes great sails. Hey - I used to race on NP! And it doesn't surprise me that Barry isn't praising NP on his forum - never seen other sail designers doing that about MS on their forum (if they still have one....). However, I do feel Barry's fairly honest and open about his views, and that's hard to come by in this world.

    As for the wrinkles - obviously it's not 'dangerous', but I can't see why a clean and smooth skin wouldn't be better. At the same time I'm confident that if I'm not ahead in a race, it is not because of a wrinkle in my sail...

    In the end, therefore, the reason why I appreciate MS is because it makes a no-nonsense products developed by experienced people who really support their customers. It can only be good if NP does that too.

    I can't wait to get my new sails and start training for 09. (off to a good start already though: 6 sessions under the belt this month!).

    I'm off to Okato next month - I'll say hi to James. (btw, I'm also bringing back a sp44 - time to do some serious speeding).



  6. Chris,

    It is always intresting what a saildesigners think, I would describe myself as critical. And both Neilpryde and Maui Sails have proved to be fast sails in certain conditions.

    Great news you are going to Okato, would you say hi to James from me. Maybe you can take some pictures of the CA factory for a nice article on this blog?