Neilpryde X6 MXT [Comment]

Neilpryde MXT24 January 2009 I talked with Caspar Verhaagen, before the Windsurfing.NL meeting. He noticed my review on this blog, I am quite happy with my Neilpryde extender. However he did had some comments and I do agree. (actually I experienced a few flaws).

For everyone that doesn't know Caspar Verhaagen a short description. He is a dedicated dutch windsurfing enthousiastic. I know him as someone that has done high quality research in windsurfing products. And his products are top of the line (like Caspar Speed fins). With his advice & knowledge he does help a lot dutch proriders, but also his articles in dutch magazines are populair for amateur sailors.

There are 2 comments on the NP X6 MXT extender (all sizes):

1) The knot problem

The knot in the extender can shoot out, through the metal. This happend in my case during a competition!! And I wasn't happy at all. Had to rig the sail again in the water...


  • I use only the 8-knot, and that one doesn't slip through so far (50 sessions with NP RS Racing)
  • Caspar drilled a little hole in the plastic on the MXT, and put the rope through that hole. Big advantage of this method is visability. (see picture, red spot is place of the hole)Neilpryde MXT

2) MXT Adaptor

The adaptor to pin mastfoot systems is really dangerous. Maybe you have experienced, or else you will experience the mastfoot to eject from the extender DURING sailing.
I have experienced this with another system, and can guaranty you will crash hard, and on open water the chances of loosing your board is big.
Of course it is possible to fix this problem to with a pin-system, Caspar made his and a few other extenders safe, only this one you need a high acuracy. I won't recommend to do this at home. If you are intrested please comment or contact.
Best solution for most windsurfers is to use the Neilpryde Power M-Base, I use this one and it feels very safe. Main advantage of using NP Power M-base is that you can put the rope into the extender, no need to wind it around the extender, and never problems of rope comming loose from extender.

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. The Pryde MXT system is by far the best there is, but beware of the first gen of the Power M-Base, they too could come off during sailing. I modified mine to get the spring to be stiffer, and that worked. Got new ones from Pryde later on, and they work perfect!


  2. Erik LootsFebruary 20, 2009


    I think my M-base is new one, the spring does feel stiff enough. But a good tip, because I can imagen that some shops do have old stock and you can still end up with a 'bad' M-base.

    Thank you!

  3. Yesterday I got my mxt-package: 2 power m-bases + 2 extenders (2008 14cm + 2009 34 cm).

    I could sell it to my girlfriend that it will be now a lot easier for her to downhaul her rigs... A Nice "valentine" gift... ;-)

  4. Erik LootsFebruary 20, 2009

    Herm that funny,

    1 week ago my brother also got his MXT 48cm + M-base from me and some friends for his birthday.

    I know you & your girlfriend will like this system!

  5. what can we do about it?
    quote: Caspar made his and a few other extenders safe, only this one you need a high acuracy. I won't recommend to do this at home. If you are intrested please comment or contact.


  6. Erik LootsOctober 07, 2009


    The best thing you can do is using the Neilpryde mastfoot, not a mastfoot with a pin.

    The Neilpryde mastfoot (power M-base) is safe as it gets. ONLY make sure it is a newer model. Neilpryde claims you have to replace the mastfoot after 200 hours of sailing, my mastfoot has something like 200 hours on water and the plastic is on a lot parts worn out.

    The total margin between the parts is 5mm vertical and 10mm sideways, that is to much. Soo 200 hours is indeed the lifetime of the Neilpryde Power M-base, after that replacement is indeed very recommended.



  7. yesterday i have got the MXT with adaptor.
    I have made a good "knote" and pushed the adaptor in the extender. Had to push hard so it should me sit very good.
    it is hard to get the adaptor out again.
    any tips for that? i want to check the knot again.
    But i know it must sit ok. Yesterday i went with a 8.4m2 RSS with a 20knots, so it should me good ..haha

  8. AnonymousMarch 19, 2010

    Hi, I am interested in the 'fix' for the pin adapter system. Is it the pin that releases from the adapter? or the adapter from the extender?
    (I do not want to go to M base: want to use a Boge joint with pin and not a 'pees'.
    200 hours only, that is already after 2/3 of a season....)
    Also I saw that the silver 2009 had s slightley different adapter shape?



  9. Erik LootsMarch 19, 2010


    The latest MXT seems to be fine, I don't hear any bad news anymore. Only one thing I would like to recommend:

    -Check if your adapter has low margin inbetween all parts. When the margin is big it could be a wrong match.



  10. Robert de LeeuwMay 01, 2011


    There now seems to be an X6 UXT, An X6 MXT with the Adapter permantently fitted. Does that solve the pin problem?

    greetings robert

  11. Erik LootsMay 02, 2011

    Hi Robert,

    I don't know since I don't use the MXT system anymore...

    Now I am back on the oldschool aluminium arrows extenders (0-28 or 40cm)


  12. Robert de LeeuwMay 02, 2011

    Hi Erik,

    Why are you back to Arrows? I also have 2 of them, they are great. I'm looking for an extra 40cm extension. The Arrows Xtension is always good and reliable. I hoped the MXT would be even beter.

    greetings Robert

  13. Erik LootsMay 02, 2011

    Hi Robert,

    I do have a brandnew 40cm Arrows/F2 extender (have 4 extenders now), this one is never used, and I guess never will be (because the old 40cm is just not breaking/bending...)

    You could buy it when you're interested?