Thin nose

I never realised that the thickness of the board in front can do a lot. But it does!!! Now I own 2 extreme different nose-design boards:

  1. Carbon Art Speed, thick nose/ not very wide
  2. Fanatic falcon 91, thin nose/ a bit wider

And when pushing the board to the max in higher chop I just feel that the Fanatic falcon feels way lighter when hitting a wave with the nose of the board. The CA speedboard just doesn't like to hit a big wave when sailing 100% flat, it is a big bang, or when you are a bit unstable it could result in a catapult. I guess the age has also a bit influence on the fanatic falcon 91 'softness'. I like it!

Differences between the 2 designs are very big, but I still feel the speedpotential of both designs is very about the same.


Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. Hi Erik,

    The feeling you have about the nose thikness is right, Fanatic has "invented" dynamic nose flex.
    But there is also the scoop rockerline involved here.
    The Falcon's have a more rounded scoop-rockerline with not too mutch out front, this helps the board skim over in stead of hit the chop head on.

    The problem for you will be to get used to the way you hav to sail the Falcon (very flat) over chop, and the CA, the CA's have to be sailed quite nose high..

    The 91 has a little bit less skimming capabitities compaired to the Fanatic Falcon's 79 and 90/89 with these boards you can realy use the full length of the board going downwind over chop..


    Peter de Wit

  2. Peter,

    I never understood till last weekend what feeling you ment with skimming over the water.

    But after the nauticial mile run I just kept on pushing the board and it felt so comftable!!! My CA is also fast but when I enter a windhole it is really hard to keep the nose high, that is when I loose some speed.

    I hope the temprature goes somewhere normal... I heard winter is over...

  3. I try to find model 91, but I can't. Not in 2009, not in 2008.
    Where I can see Falcon 91 ???


  4. Hey warrior what info do you need? On Fanatic website they don't display the board anymore.

    Width=61cm Lenght=245 Volume=91 liters


  5. what year is 91 ? strange is why I can't find it on fanatic web site.....
    is this model can't be find in europe or ?

  6. The falcon 91 is a 2006 model