Holiday la Franqui 2009

South France is really something different, a beautyfull nature with enough space for windsurfers.

CHeck the van out in the middle of the upcomming water, wish we could drive to our good spots...

On the camping "les coussoules" we found some other dutch surfers. On the left picture two (out of six) students from Eindhoven & me (right) & Jasper. they brought me to the speedspot. And we went all on the water.

The conditions were crazy, in the beginning lots of wind but also incomming swell. I had to be carefull not to be caught by a wave. Speed was around 68/70kmh

THe dutch group was verrry complete:
-2 freestylers from Amstelmeer (Bert &Danny)
-3 Wave/freeride Amstelmeer (Ferry&Jasper&Hein)
-2 Wave/freestyle Horst (Andre & Jeroen)
-6 windsurfing students from eindhoven (Bellefleur/Gian/Janjaap/Joost/Micheal/Stan)
-2 really cool kitesurfers (Jochem &Tim)

Oh yeah & one crazy lame speedsurfer...

Sooo many different people, I had a nice time!! THe windforecasts didn't even bother me.

This is a picture of me speeding with a safe distance from shore. After 6 or 7 runs I lent my gps to the other guys & Belle Fleur. And the competition started. FUNRanking la Franqui 2009:

1) Local Frenchman 64kmh (WAVE gear was @ least 10 years old)
2) Joost 48kmh
3) Ferry 47kmh
4) Gian 43kmh
5) Bellefleur 38kmh

Joost gybing hard in 8bft offshore wind, the only gybe on photo... guess it has to do with the conditions...

I really got some respect for the guys around me. I was on 68liters, but they were flying on big boards. I know that is not the most comftable way of surfing.

Belle Fleur, walking in the Weedy spot. Watch out for gelly fish ;) gheghe.

The group from Eindhoven left in my first week there. Next time @ Amstelmeer :). Also Tim & Jochem will check our wind in the North, take your smaller kites with you!!!

The second week finally a local speeder Nico Nouwen (the only speeder???) called me to check out the action. He is dutch and that helps a lot when looking for the place 2 be. I was like haalleluja, I was NOT into surfing alone in offshore wind. THanks again Nico for the call!!

The first day with Nico on the water was the best one. Also the day with the least tramontana wind, but the water was flat. All the other days we had onshore wind a few days, than 1 or 2 days trami... NOT flat.

In a VW Golf hatchback we went to port-la-nouvelle, I only took my fanatic falcon speed & NP RS:Slalom MKIII 5.5, it was difficult to close all doors of the car. When we arrived it looked like we wouldn't have any wind. But speedsurfers are a bit crazy so I started rigging my gear. Also Nico decided to take the falcon speed. After 30-45 minutes of swimming/beachstart/waterstart we found a few km downwind a place with 15-24kn wind. Enough for me to go faster than 70kmh & for Nico to break some PR. click here for session & Nico his session

I have now a decent Nautical Mile 65.55kmh or 35.4 kn improved my old record by a few knots!!

The second session with Nico was very choppy, first 10km upwind, and it felt quite heavy. I choose to walk 30%. Than I did 2 downwind runs, but the kneehigh chop didn't allow going fast the easy way... I did 71/72kmh (69kmh runs), but it wasn't fun so with only 2 runs we decided to go back. On the beach a kiter told me he measured frequently 48kn gusts... Aaaaah that is why my 5.5 felt a bit flighty some moments.

Now I am home & want to go on holiday again. One good speedsurfsession (including PR) + a lot of redbull-wodka+ even more beer + a lot of red whine + gin tonic + more drinks & most important a lot of new friends made my holiday sweeet!!!

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. Stephen SquirrellSeptember 20, 2009

    Hi Erik

    we have a weeks holiday the second week of Oct. and are heading this way :) do you know what chances of wind at this time of year ???

  2. Hi Stephen,

    we were last year October 2 weeks in Gruissan what is 30 km northern of La Franqui at the same beachline.

    We had 5 days wind in that periode (18-30knts; gusts up to 35knts.); wheater was warm and sunny.