[review] Fanatic Falcon speed

fanatic falcon speedFanatic Falcon Speed (2006-2010)
Volume_______ 68 liters
Lenght_______ 242 cm
Width________ 48 cm
Weight_______ 4,7* kg
Build________ Carbon Sandwich
Original fin____ Fanatic Speed 28cm G10 Fin, Tuttle Box, 4 Fanatic Pro Velcro Footstraps
Sailsize:______ 4.0 – 7.0m²
One Foot off___29cm OFO
Fins_________23-28cm (symmetrical) or 21-24cm (asymmetrical)

[short] Onshore findings:
When looking onshore to the fanatic falcon speed there are a few things that draw some attention. The original Fanatic Falcon "nose shape", also the thick tail is noticed.
Since my fanatic falcon speed is secondhand the paintjob is not complete anymore... And there is proof my 2006 model got REAL carbon inside!
The board feels lightweight, but still strong enough to resist some abuse. (tested durability quite good)

[short] On water findings:fanatic falcon speed
When doing the first meters on the speedboard you will be surprised about the low-end. With my skills it is possible to sail away in 16kn, OK my weight is 80kg. The sweetspot for me is inbetween 18-40kn, when the water is really rough the sweetspot is smaller 25-32kn or soo.

Both my 5.5 and 6.2 sail very good on the falcon speed, the sailsize actually doesn't mather as long as you can keep that sail in control. But in the board doesn't need a small or big rig to go fast. This is totally contrary to the Carbon Art Speed I used to sail, those boards needed some back-up power so you always ended up rigging big at least +0.5m2 compared to the falcon speed.

WHen I heard all the rumors about fanatic falcon speed, I suspected this board would only work in broad conditions. But reality was totally different, I like the board a lot from very tight to very broad sailangles. I am convinced this will be my PR board within 1 year!

Upwind is in the beginning something you have to get used to with the falcon speed. There are modes: 1) Go slow and push the rail you stand on a bit in the water to get grip. OR 2) Go really fast upwind from 48kmh the fanatic falcon speed goes upwind like almost a raceboard.

-Select Caspar Elite fin, 23-24cm for high wind / 25cm allround /26-27cm lightwind
-Front footstrap in rear position, this is what works for me.
-C3 Strike 22cm has been used succesfully by Sander van Huizen
-Most good fanatic falcon speed riders use raked fins 16-20 degrees, a few even more rake
-6.2 for heavyweight surfer
-5.5 for lightweight surfer

Would you like to buy a Fanatic Falcon Speed?
No dealers with this superfast board around your place? Outside the Netherlands it is possible to deliver a brand new fanatic speedboard to your place. Already 2 boards sold (on pics) Just send me an email for prices and more information.

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. AnonymousOctober 02, 2009

    Hi Erik

    the boards sounds great :) I have just bought one and can't wait to give it a go at Southend or West Kirby before it gets too cold !!! I have'nt been on a speedboard since the Bic Allegro about 20 years ago !!! should be interesting :)

    I have bought this fin off ebay to start with but might need something abit bigger for the lighter days !!!


    We are off to the Gruissan area for a week on this Saturday but the wind forecast looks poor :( there is always the moutains and mountain bikes ???

  2. AnonymousOctober 02, 2009

    Last comment posted by Stephen Squirrell

  3. Erik LootsOctober 04, 2009

    Hi Stephen,

    Gruissan or La Franqui is really a great place. I learned a lot by just sailing there in 20kn of wind.

    The fin you bought has a fast profile, I hope it has a good stiffness. Because sometimes the drake fins are a bit off spec. (too soft or stiff)

    Let me know what speed you did in France!



  4. AnonymousOctober 13, 2009

    Hi Erik

    thanks for the reply !!! we had a wonderful week in France,in the mountains,by canals and then the coast at Leucate,La Franqui and Gruissan.Sadly we were only there a week - not long enough and only had some wind on the last two days !!! The first day I sailed at La Franqui abit bumpy but nice place to sail from the town and then moved on to Gruissan and had the best days windsurfing of my life :) five hours out and covering over 200 k !!!!! I was disappointed in my times as the wind was 25 kts + and I seemed to be flying reaching all the way to Port-la-Nouvelle !!! because of the wind angle you had to work to keep in the flat water by the beach and I seemed on par with most of the many sailers out but I seem to be 3/4 knots off the pace at the moment :( This might be down to poor fins/mast or perhaps I'm just a crap sailer !!!! I am looking to upgrade my fins and like the look of the Falcon F1 32 for my Fanatic falcon 90 and a casper 25 speed for when I use the falcon speed !!! but as with everything money is tight and fins are expensive and I have just bought the board and a 5.2 and I broke my 4.30 mast in France :(
    Have you any tips for me to squeeze a few more kts ???
    I have enclosed a link to some pics of France-sorry there are alot but ther are some of my out at Gruissan with the red tushingham x-15 !!!
    Any help greatly appreciated :)


    cheers Stephen

  5. Erik LootsOctober 13, 2009

    Hi Stephen,

    Nice to read you had a good week in South France.

    The first thing you should try in these conditions is longer harnasslines, this will give more control and speed. To get more speed I would also recommend in your case to try to get your weight more in the harnass. By pulling directly with the harnass you will be more efficient and faster.



  6. HI Erik,

    What did you learn on your pastfooposition in different surcomstances and with different sailsizes. I guess around 130 cm?
    Greatings Jeroen !

  7. I ment the mastfootposition!

  8. Erik LootsDecember 04, 2009

    Hi Jeroen,

    I am sailing the mastfootposition 1 or 2cm back from the middle. With a smaller sail I like the mastfoot a bit more back (2cm). On really tight sailingangles I like the mastfoot a bit forward