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20 December 2009

About Erik Loots

Erik enjoying quality Time on Water
On  Founder/ Headeditor
Expertise: Speedsurfing in the Netherlands, Tuning Windsurfequipment, Windsurf Development, Blogging

Contact Erik Loots
Telephone: +31 (0) 6 533 92 188

Erik Loots & Social Media

What does means to Erik?
In 2008 Erik started speedsurfingblog, first the blog was about the personal journey. Lateron speedsurfingblog also featured articles to promote speedsurfing/windsurfing. In mid-2010 the goal is to make speedsurfingblog much more accessible for a broad public (also non-windsurfers and windsurfers in other disciplines).  Now 2011 the goal contains even more, we would like to attract experts writing on and really promote "FUN speedsurfing" throught this website. 

Stats and Numbers
  • lenght: 1.92m
  • weight: 82kg 
  • Sponsors: Kater, Starboard, Severne, Sonntag Fins, Sportzeker
  • education: Bachelor of Build Environment
  • birthdate: 27-10-1986
  • sailingstyle: very dynamical sailingstyle, favorite is fullpower and leaning a bit back while having the greatest acceleration possible. Underpowered trying to keep gear as loose as possible
  • Hometown: Broek op Langedijk, the Netherlands
Some Results
3th in current 2011 worldranking
5th alltime overal individual
22th (out of 3000++) in 2010 worldranking
Teamcaptain 2nd team in 2010 GPSteamchallenge (
Best Topspeed over 45+kn
Best Average 43+kn

Latest highlights:
-Starboard iSonic Speed Special W54, average GPS speed 77,31 km/h (41.74kn)
-Sonntag-Fins GPS_2 30cm, average GPS speed 77,31 km/h (41.74kn)
-Starboard iSonic 107 woodcarbon, best 10sec average run 66,91 km/h (36.12kn)
-Sonntag-Fins SL-P 35cm, best 10sec average run 66,91 km/h (36.12kn)
-Sonntag-Fins SL-S 40cm, topspeed 67 km/h (36.17kn)
-Starboard iSonic 86, average 1 hour speed 47,69 km/h (25.75kn)
-Sonntag SL-S 30cm, peak speed 77,67 km/h (41.94kn)
-Severne Reflex 5.6, average GPS speed 81,09 km/h (43,79kn)
-Starboard iSonic Speed Special W44, average GPS speed 81,09 km/h (43,79kn)
-Severne Reflex 7.0, best 10sec average run 75,38km/h (40,7kn)

Some History
At young age learned how to sail (with 420 sailboat), after a few seasons sailing Erik wanted more time on water.  The neighbors had some surfgear they wanted to get rid off and donated it, started windsurfing around 2002, with a custom 95 liter ex-waveboard from mid 1980 (masttrack way in front) and a pink sail.

End 2003 Erik bought a used North Sails Spectro 3d 8.0 and 7.0, with recommended mast. This was very competitive gear at his local windsurfspot (Geestmerambacht). After buying  the Starboard Hypersonic 105 wood the speed was good and Erik was speed-addicted for life.

The first experience with a real racesail (Neilpryde RS5) was in 2005 thanks to Marcel working at the vandenberg shop, this made Erik buy a Gaastra Nitro5 6.3 and Starboard Isonic 105 DRAM. This was much faster than my normal freerace gear!! After  working a lot beside his study, Erik bought a few Arrows Maxx Speed sails (2006)+ 2 Carbon Art Speedboards. To finance the speedgear all big gear was sold, since 2007 Erik has only bought sails smaller than 6.7 (to be competitive in speedcompetition).  For a few long periods with a 6.2 or 5.8 only as biggest sail (sometimes frustrating).

3 Responses:

Fra said...

Erik, I find the site playful, but also very well structured. To explore the site I used Internetexplorer without any problem. Depending on the background, the rather little letters used are combersome for me. A less dark background requires extra effort for me. I have to admit that my age plays a role concerning reading.
Frank ([email protected])

Anonymous said...

As an you need to break away form the NL protocol!
1/ km/h is for the road.
2/ knots is for the water.

Erik Loots said...

From now on I will try using only knots ;), should be no problem. See you on the water!

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