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27 June 2009

No 2009 Karpathos Speedworldcup for me

Today I got the list of the lucky names... I am a bit disappointed my name isn't on that list. I guess I have to go faster to be able to compete.

Here is the list:

Anders Bringdal
Andrea Baldini
Andrej Kocjan
Antoine Albeau
Anton Geesink
Armin Hoefer
Barry von Lingen
Ben van der Steen
Beppe Fortunato
Birgit Hoefer
Bjorn Dunkerbeck
Cedric Bordes
Chris Lockwood
Christian Bornemann
Christophe Fiorentini
Christophe Richaud
Daniel Aeberli
Daniel Borgelind
Dieter Gerichhausen
Drakopoulos Panagiotis
Erik Beale
Erik Larsson
Fabrice Courtiade
Finian Maynard
Francesko D'Urso
Hans Kreisel
Janos Torma
Jaques van der Hout
John Benamati
Jurjen van der Nord
Karin Jaggi
Magnus Bengtsson
Manfred Fuchs
Marcus Richardsson
Marie-Paule Geldorf
Marion Raisi
Markus Emanuelsson
Martyn Ogier
Morten Knutsen
Nick Vardalachos
Nikoletta Margoni
Orlando Lavandera
Pascal Boulanger
Pascal Toselli
Patrick van Hoof
Patrik Diethelm
Pete Davis
Peter Volwater
Philip Adamidis
Robert Sturm
Thorsten Luig
Torsten Mallon
Valerie Ghibaudo
Wilfried Vanherweghe
Zara Davis

26 June 2009


An old term or not???? Close the gap is something to make your drag lower. When the sail comes closer to the board "air" can't flow between both sailsides. These tip flow can cause a lot of drag "theoretically"

Now I was thinking do I close the gap???? I often or almost all the time do. I remember last wednesday I was sailing on the amstelmeer in my short with bare feet (first time this year), and the bottom of the sail scratched my feet/toes several times each run constantly!! With shoes or surfboots you actually don't feel the sail that much

But I know some sails I have owned never came that far. These sails weren't slow, but I am faster now...

I do have some rules for myself & close the gap. On low speeds the fin will spinout with close the gap, this means end of the run. On higher speed I do know close the gap can result in a big time acceleration, when you know the fin can hold that pressure. If the fin is to small you won't accelerate.

24 June 2009

Lots of speedsurfing gear for sale!!!


Falcon Speed 350,-
F2 Missile XS 350,-
Fanatic Falcon 91 450,- (4 months used)
Fanatic Falcon 262 70,-

X9 160-210  400,-

21 June 2009

The verdict: "New Neilpryde or not???"

Now 16 days later when I asked what to do? It is not possible to actually know the best choise, but it is possible to get a good feeling.

The 7.0 was not an option and the poll also confirms that! I am a bit surprised the RSR E1 6.7 should stay. The RS Slalom MK3 6.2 has a good second place, intresting!

On the USM (ultimate speed meeting) I used the Neilpryde RS:Racing Evo1 6.2 (fast sail), I really like this sail. The RS:Slalom 5.5 amazes me every time I use it! With some TOW both sails have almost a guaranty for high speed no mather what.

Yesterday I rigged the 6.2 in very low-wind conditions, just to see if it is possible to get some TOW. I was really suprised the 6.2 was good enough to ride 90% of the time. According to windmeasurements the average wind was 12kn and the best gusts 17kn. With these very short gusts I wasn't very fast, but it proved comfy enough. So I decided to sell my 6.7 RS:Racing evo1.

I have to choose between 2 different but both fast sails. In terms of money both sails would cost about the same with 1 year use. I tried to sort out what is the difference??? IS there any difference, yes they don't look the same. I came up with this conclusion:
  • RS:Racing Evo1 6.2, superstiff yet controllable in extreme conditions. In gusts it feels a bit to stiff for my 80kg weight, or my strenght is just not there when it should be. Highest acceleration if you can handle it.
  • RS:Racing Evo2 6.2, softer than his older brother (evo1). Very controllable, I can't sail with negative outhaul. In gusts way better to hold the stance/close the gap/etc. when needed. WIth some outhaul tension the acceleration is good but the potential is a bit lower compared to the evo1.
  • RS:Slalom MKIII 6.2, yes another size. I can sail with negative outhaul when needed, the easiest to hold stance. Theoretically the lowest acceleration...
Yesterday I ordered the sail, which I think is the winner for me:

Neilpryde RS:Slalom MKIII 6.2

I have had really some intresting points of view from other good speedsurfers, to call some names: Peter de Wit, Serge Beumer (vandenberg surf), Nico Nouwen, Martin van Meurs, Jacques vd Hout, Chris Lockwood and more.

Thanks this helped me a lot!!!

20 June 2009

Ultimate Speed Meeting 2009-1

Finally the first USM of 2009 took place on 19 June. I had been waiting for this event for quite some time.The conditions were challenging, the winddirection shifted a few times, also the wavedirection wasn't constant.

Now I stand 12th place (maybe lower), I focused a bit higher for this year. But my week can't be ruined, both tuesday (16 june) & thursday (18 june) I had a presentation &defence of my final project for my study Civil Enginering. I really prepared myself. And it payed off bigtime!! I scored overall 8 out of 10 points!!!

On the water I know what to improve and that is a very positive thing. The gear was fast enough, in my opinion these things went wrong with me:
  • First time with 6.2 RSR E1 in lowwind, almost the whole competition I doubted about the downhaul setting... however I didn't dared to adjust @ that moment
  • After my 67.x kmh 10 sec run I went for my Carbon Art Speed 44, thanks to that I had to walk for quite some time. Also in the end I walked the falcon speed around :)
  • I didn't felt sharp, my reaction to gusts was below normal... Even my best runs I was crappy in building up my runs.
It could have been much worse, the Fanatic Falcon 79 saved my day, such a comftable board!!! The sail& fin were also superfast, I wish that I had some more training time with these. I would like to thank Kater & neilpryde for borrowing me the sail!

And next time better!


17 June 2009

Speedsurfing at the brace 2009

Another video, this one is really professional! The whole dutch speedsurfing top 20 was present. Still amazed my name is also in that list :)

I was that day on RS:Slalom 5.5, on video you can see the proof @ 0:47/0:54/1:05



05 June 2009

Poll: New neilpryde RSS/ RSR sail or not?

Poll: New neilpryde RSS/ RSR sail or not?

I don't know what to do... These things are on my mind:
  1. That 5.5 RSSlalom MK3 is awesome, BUY another!!!!
  2. The 6.7 RSR Evo1 has a incredible high end!!!
  3. I feel the 6.7 might have some shortcomming in ultrahigh speed 40kn+++
  4. The 7.0 RSR Evo2 has incredible low end!!!
  5. The 6.2 RSS... would it be faster? I can sell my 430 X9= $$$
  6. The 6.2 low/end is quite good... Maybe as good as my current 6.7
  7. The 6.2 RSR Evo2 proven concept...
  8. Noo time before competition to tune a new sail

What should I do??? I am very curious what you guys would advise. I can't buy all sails, but one sail is possible. Please click and help me out! If you have some time it would be nice to read why too.

  • keep 6.7 RSR evo1

  • replace by RSS MK3 6.2

  • replace by RSR Evo2 6.2

  • replace by RSS MK3 7.0

  • replace by RSR Evo2 7.0

02 June 2009

Interview - Dave White

The new Boards Magazine editor found some time to do a speedsurfing interview. He is still one of the fastest around the world on a windsurfer. Please welcome Dave White!!!

Dave could you tell us a bit more about the fast speedspots (Soutend, West Kirby) in the UK, what kind of sailingconditions can you expect there?
We have some great spots in the UK, obviously West Kirby and Southend have gained the most exposure, but there are more to come. I’ve been invited to up to a few new spots and having seen a picture or two, the journey looks to be interesting.

Southend was like that once, even though I’d sailed there it was almost impossible to get everyone over to see it for them selves, they just kept heading to West Kirby. Thankfully gps has come along and changed the way we look at a sight, rather than take someone’s word for it we can see results.

West Kirby is now going through some renovation to repair the wall, this spot get the real strong winds and is only limited by the length of the run out, or your balls. Once you’re over the 40knots the end wall come up fast with only a couple of seconds to decide how to stop. I can’t see a 50knot 500m happening there, but who knows, there’s some crazy people about.

I would prefer the Driven by Wind record attempt over the Channel in France, is there any chance in near future for a new Driven by Wind record attempt?
I was amazed how well driven by wind went, to be honest I’m not an organizer and just started driven by wind from frustration. Southend is an unreal spot, from my experience it’s the longest speed strip in the world and the only one to hold two 500m courses at differing angles, but on one was going there, it was a locals only paradise.

The bank can leave the water so smooth you have to move away from it’s edge just to break the surface tension, sure it’s not as perfect as this 100% of the time, but get a day like this and who knows what can happen. The only negative is the timing, there’s no way to drive to the back and the beach is getting close to the limit away for the wireless cameras, it would be so much easier to run if we could set-up like they do on the canal.

So could we move to the canal, I don’t think so? Firstly they do a fantastic job, good guys with a lot of history, they built it, maintain it and run it and I say good on them. I got a production record down there and would have been at the last one, but competing at both and running Driven by wind would have been to much, but I’d support them in the future for sure.

All these things take a bunch of money, I tried to keep the entry cost down as low as possible, the wife would say too low as I even paid the entry and more, so for this year it won’t run, but once the world starts to get back on its feet I’m ready to give it another go

What conditions do you need to break the record?
For me I guess a 5.5 is about the optimum, maybe 5.0 but as we know the wind is never 100% particularly when it’s going off the scale. Hanging on to a 5.5 when you want a 4.0 makes you feel alive yet still drives you like crazy when the wind back off, not sure backing off is the right words as even then most people would be looking for shelter.

Get Southend on it’s perfect day and who knows what can happen, but even then it’s not just about the conditions, you need you buddies/rivals out there with you, it’s only then man can really push the limits, there’s no point in stepping over the edge if there’s no one to pick up the pieces.

What was your best speedsurfing session ever?
That’s a real hard one, but I guess it has to be Sotovento 1991 I think it was, first production worlds, going out to sail with your hero’s is one thing, passing them is another and like all things, you never for get your first time . But what I really like about windsurfing is it doesn’t matter how many good days you have, coming in with you arms dragging on the floor after a big wind, this is the one, you always here it in the car park “that was the best sail ever”

I have done a little study on your stance one of the biggest differences between you and a normal heavy weight windsurfer seems to be your boomheight. Your boom is quite low, how do you still get planning with such small boards/sails?
Stance is a personal thing; there is no perfect way to ride. If you compare me with Bjorn, Antoine or Finnian, we all have different styles. Finian leans the furthest back along the board with Antoine a little more upright then Bjorn and myself, I feel like I’m leaning forward. OK were all relatively big but it just shows we all find our own way, but saying that my boom is a little higher these days in the lighter stuff.

Something my father always said has helped me get going on small kit, his problem was opposite to me, so in a big wind he just thought heavier, which is what I try not to do unless all hell is kicking off. Just think about how heavy you walk having just been dumped by the girlfriend its like you’ll leave footprints in concrete, win the loto and you’ll float through the air, it sound stupid but it works

Your Gaastra sails are pretty fast, my Gaastra Vapor 5.5 (2007) was my favorite back in 2007. Which Gaastra Sails do you prefer for speedsurfing?
Simple it has to be the 5.5 Vapor at full power.

What about the tabou boards, I don’t know if you also use a gps on lighter days, could you give us an insight what speed you have done on the tabou boards? It is for most windsurfers intresting to know what you can do both on small and bigger models.
Obviously I use the gps when I’m out on my Manta 63, but what surprise most people is I hardly ever use race kit. I sail freeride or freewave most of the time, for everyday use they are more fun and fast, sure it’s harder to get the very top end out of them and at that point it feels faster than any record. But sail these fast everyday and you’ll find jumping on speed kit so much easier which is a great boost for confidence when you need it

How do you know if the speedfin is good for high speed?
I try not mess my mind up with the tech stuff, I hear lots of facts about this and that, but look at most of the good brands and there speed fin will work, the only difference between working and world record is how it feels for you. I think your want and the confidence you feel is more important the grade sandpaper the fin was finished with.

On I see you have done a 48.5 peak with a Tectonics Falcon F1, how is that possible?!? Do you still know what conditions you were sailing? (sailingangle/ waterstate/ windstrenght)
That was kind of easy to remember, though I kick myself for not staying out longer. It looked like Southend would be good, but at the same time my friends wanted to sail our home patch, would love to say wave sailing here but we only get big wind blown chop.

I Shot over to Southend with Jamie from the local surf shop wet ‘n’ dry, he took my 5.5 while had the 6.0. Funny how you look at things Jamie has always been quick but hadn’t used a gps “I just want to get into the 40knot club” he said, can’t remember what his peak was but he pulled a 43knot 500m run so we can say he was happy.

We had a strong west wind so used the eastern course that heads out towards the pier, right from the first run it felt fast so we put in few runs and sure I was stoked to see the time, but with all my mates kit rigged in the van I had to get back and Jamie had his shop waiting.

We always wonder about the what if, but to be honest I had two of the best sails of the year on the same day and both with my mates, whatever the speed it was nothing compared to sailing with the boys.

Hell I didn’ty really answer that question did I, the fin, that’s easy it felt good and gave confidence which is just what you need when the wind angle is as deep as you dare and as for the waterstate, it was one of those days when you pull away from the bank so you hear that rasping noise as you fly across the water.

Will you compete in an ISWC event this year?
My life is always changing, look back over the years and you’ll see I like to mix it up now and then, speed is a passion but its part of a jigsaw that makes the windsurfing complete. Sure I’ll be out with a gps but for this year I wont compete at the ISWC, I’ve got a new plan going on, I just joined Boards Magazine so want to concentrate on that this year. I love to have a goal

Thank you for this interview!

01 June 2009

NorthEast wind = t Kuitje Den Helder

That is me on the photo, it is a bit far away and taken with my Nokia N95. Not very sharp but it gives an idea. Last couple of days the winddirection is NE, that means Amstelmeer is a bit gusty&choppy. I chose yesterday and the day before to surf on " t Kuitje", this is near the dutch Navy on sea in Den Helder.

Both days the windstrenght was average 16-18kn and we got gusts up till 25kn. I just got my own RS:Slalom mkIII 5.5, I used it both days to get a good feeling about the tuning& lowwind performance.

On 'tKuitje there are different places to go. I chose both days to surf near the parking area. This means 200m sandbank sailing 90 degrees (crosswind), waiting for a good gust to shoot 100m downwind and hope to make a good run. (after those 100m your have to break hard otherwise you are sitting on the next sandbank)

I hope my sail has settled, I have found THE settings again yesterday. About the fins, I was sailing the Fanatic Falcon 79:
  • Caspar 27, was a bit small
  • Select Caspar 29, perfect size
  • Select S07 28, I wish I tried this one longer...
  • CL 26S, fastest fin (CL stands for Chris Lockwood)
I don;t know if I will be sailing today, yesterday my body was tired and I felt like this was one of the reasons I could not accelerate over chaotic chop...