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28 September 2009

[review] Fanatic Falcon speed

fanatic falcon speedFanatic Falcon Speed (2006-2010)
Volume_______ 68 liters
Lenght_______ 242 cm
Width________ 48 cm
Weight_______ 4,7* kg
Build________ Carbon Sandwich
Original fin____ Fanatic Speed 28cm G10 Fin, Tuttle Box, 4 Fanatic Pro Velcro Footstraps
Sailsize:______ 4.0 – 7.0m²
One Foot off___29cm OFO
Fins_________23-28cm (symmetrical) or 21-24cm (asymmetrical)

[short] Onshore findings:
When looking onshore to the fanatic falcon speed there are a few things that draw some attention. The original Fanatic Falcon "nose shape", also the thick tail is noticed.
Since my fanatic falcon speed is secondhand the paintjob is not complete anymore... And there is proof my 2006 model got REAL carbon inside!
The board feels lightweight, but still strong enough to resist some abuse. (tested durability quite good)

[short] On water findings:fanatic falcon speed
When doing the first meters on the speedboard you will be surprised about the low-end. With my skills it is possible to sail away in 16kn, OK my weight is 80kg. The sweetspot for me is inbetween 18-40kn, when the water is really rough the sweetspot is smaller 25-32kn or soo.

Both my 5.5 and 6.2 sail very good on the falcon speed, the sailsize actually doesn't mather as long as you can keep that sail in control. But in the board doesn't need a small or big rig to go fast. This is totally contrary to the Carbon Art Speed I used to sail, those boards needed some back-up power so you always ended up rigging big at least +0.5m2 compared to the falcon speed.

WHen I heard all the rumors about fanatic falcon speed, I suspected this board would only work in broad conditions. But reality was totally different, I like the board a lot from very tight to very broad sailangles. I am convinced this will be my PR board within 1 year!

Upwind is in the beginning something you have to get used to with the falcon speed. There are modes: 1) Go slow and push the rail you stand on a bit in the water to get grip. OR 2) Go really fast upwind from 48kmh the fanatic falcon speed goes upwind like almost a raceboard.

-Select Caspar Elite fin, 23-24cm for high wind / 25cm allround /26-27cm lightwind
-Front footstrap in rear position, this is what works for me.
-C3 Strike 22cm has been used succesfully by Sander van Huizen
-Most good fanatic falcon speed riders use raked fins 16-20 degrees, a few even more rake
-6.2 for heavyweight surfer
-5.5 for lightweight surfer

Would you like to buy a Fanatic Falcon Speed?
No dealers with this superfast board around your place? Outside the Netherlands it is possible to deliver a brand new fanatic speedboard to your place. Already 2 boards sold (on pics) Just send me an email for prices and more information.

Craig Spottiswood New Records/New GPS-Speedsurfing Leader/ Video of 1th run


AMAZING times, especially considering the difference between topspeed and 500m. GPS-Speedsurfing is again at another level, higher/better/faster!!!

Average 88,44 kmh ( 90,83 90,66 87,62 87,38 85,72 )
Max. GPS (display) 92,62 kmh
Max. 2 sec. (software) 92,36 kmh
100 m run 91,83 kmh
250 m run 91,68 kmh
500 m run 90,21 kmh

Craig Spottiswood:

Sorry about the delay, YEEEEE!!!HAAAARRRRR!!!! You Beauty!!! just been letting
the good vibes settle in, still coming to grips with it all, the result was most
unexpected for me. We have all been waiting for a day like this at Sandy Pt for
sometime, with the past heavy rainfall and sizeable swell running in Bass Strait
I did not think the tide would go far enough out. I thought that it was only
going to be a survival day with maybe a 43 average. The tide in the end just
went far enough out to set up what seemed a wider than usual rideable course
down the bank. No special suits, man made trenches or vehicles to get you back
up the course, just a hard endurance battle to start, finish and walk back in
the constant 40-50 knot sandstorm with the lead weight on your back, the actual
runs were awesome!!.

4 hours 6 runs…
Run 1 with camera onboard peaked at
45 with a 10 sec around 43, it was pretty unsettled. Sailing back did not seem a
good option, with all runs requiring a long slog thru the soft sand to the first
dune then sail the last bit to the start. This was so exhausting, you had to
wait some time before you had enough energy to do another run making it hard to
get lots of runs in before the tide changed.
Run 2 data 47.86 max , 47.18
10sec , PB and now quite excited, with the course also improving with deeper
longer runs.
Run 3 data 49.996 max , 49.046 10sec, 47.183 500m seemed more
controlled with 50.01 on the GT31 display making my jaw drop and fist punch the
air, followed with congratulations with Adrian B and Tony W on the long walk
Run 4 data 49.724 max, 48.952 10sec, 48.709 500m was also controlled
just the slow down were getting really wild as the tide came in. Really stoked
about the 500!!!
Run 5 data 48.693 max, 47.312 10sec, 45.694 500m. The tide
now starting to have more effect, and I was getting really exhausted but new
there was still a worthwhile run better than the first to cement the
Run 6 data 47.197 max, 46.285 10sec, 44.723 500m. Chris L and myself
left on the course, made my last run as he came back, another long walk followed
this time all the way to the BBQ, thanks for moving the car Rupert.
Best 5
runs were all done with a broken battern at the bottom camber, it broke on the
first run due to me adding more tension beforehand. All in all to be honest the
runs were ridiculously smooth and constant and left me feeling I could of had a
slightly bigger sail or a little bit more wind. I know this sounds stupid but it
was so GOOD!. Left us with the impression the 49 5x10, 500 is achievable
with same conditions, and maybe better with a lower tide.
AMAC and Chris the
sail, fin and board did not flinch at all on the big runs, absolutely awesome
result on stock, off the shelf gear, hats off to you both!.
Totally stoked
there were so many crew there to witness, and to give it a go in such
conditions. Pleased to see Tonster, Daffy, Ado others get PB’s, great effort
considering the size/weight for some of you guys.
Thanks also to Mick and
Jodi for capturing the moment whilst we took on the wind and sand.


Video of first run:

Speed Fortnight 2009_Spotty from drift media on Vimeo.

24 September 2009

Speedsurfing on Fanatic Falcon 86 (2010)

This article is a reaction to Mark van Osch his question on, hereby my first impression: The Fanatic Falcon 2010, I am one of the lucky bastards. Have tried the Fanatic Falcon 86 in these conditions:

-Overpowered with 7.0 could go near 70kmh (38kn)
-A very good powered 5.5 didn't go as fast as 7.0
-My RS:Slalom 6.2 in its sweetspot

The feeling of the Fanatic Falcon 2010 is for me NOT comparable to any other Fanatic Falcon before. BUT I found the total feeling very familiar... The first time I was sailing and thought WOW this is Carbon Art Speed-style. But this is quite a amazing effort since it works really well. It would be even more intresting if the bigger sizes also work on this concept.

I would call the concept "fixed boardangle", it looks like Antoine Albeau boardtrim, however for normal surfers the board also allows "a bit deeper tail in water"-trim

I think this is the first fanatic falcon that suits all surfers well, the board itself doesn't look special. The boardtrim is the MOST stable I have ever sailed, this means your bodyposition can be locked easier than ever before!

Do I want to buy this board?
Not yet, my fanatic falcon 79 is my favorite board ever in that size. Would hurt myself when I sell it, after this short use period. But it is also a fact the Falcon 79 allows a bit LESS powerfull sailing. I came from POWER sailing on Carbon Art, I expect this style is really fast on the new Falcons. However since I am still finetuning my current board, when I found the limits it would be time to change. (however don't be surprised if you see me sailing a falcon 86...)

Who Should buy the Fanatic Falcon 86 2010?
If you are looking for something that doesn't take of in gusts in a scarry way. If you would like extreme fast acceleration in the easiest package ever, don't look further. I am not joking, this board allows bad trim and still will be able to take dayvictory. Control/Easy/Power/Fast this is what I think of 2010, compared to the older monoconcave falcons which I would describe as Fast/Most Efficient/Hard trim

I believe the new fanatic falcon will blast WAY faster than 2009 in terms of speed. But more important I believe the Fanatic Falcon 2010 is good to match all top 10 sailbrands/ finbrands. I can't say this about all the other Fanatic Falcons before (including 2009)

General Trimtips:
-Board works better a bit to much powered than vice-versa. Don't rig to small
-For really high speed your Caspar Speed or Select SL7 is quite suitable ( good new for the old monoconcave riders!)
-Mastfoot I found the "monoconcave-position" good, which is in my case 3-4cm back from the center

Trimtips for the advanced riders:
-A bit more raked fin would be a tiny percentage more efficient. With Carbon Art Speed I used 14 degrees rake with great succes, I guess with the new falcon you could do the same trick. Even more rake is possible... If you're willing to experiment, let me know if you found more performance!!



20 September 2009

About Harnesslines...

A long time ago there was a poll about harnesslines Length. Outcome would be most sail 30 Inch lenght, this does sound plausible to me. (30 Inch is also most fast for me)

But what about the harnesslines??

The harnesslines-stuff is very personal, this one is directly linked to: Rider style/ harnesstype/ riders weight/ riders lenght/ more. Sooo all written below could work out different for some others.

Light speedsurfers need long harnesslines to go fast! This is really a upgrade if your weight is 80kg or even less, look for 30"inch or maybe longer. For heavy speedsurfers theoretical shorter lines should work as good as long lines for light guys...

First the position on the boom, I don't know what all the other speedsurfers do. But since I have to sail all conditions with 1 boom and normally 2 sails (temporarily 1 sail), I have noticed last season this:
  • Position of harnesslines on the boom was not stable for 1 sailsize. Between underpowered and overpowered was 5cm difference in position (underpowered forward). One day I was sailing superfast with the RSS 6.2, really gusty the day ended in a 35kn topspeed in a good gust. The next day I was surprised by the conditions, but even more about the totally different sail. Now I just had to move the harnasslines back 5cm. The first day average wind was 15kn, second day average wind was 28kn... Almost double!
  • In conditions 22kn or more I feel the need of 30" lines, just to keep more control and good speed. Why Neilpryde stopped producing the adjustable ones??
  • In lowwind (12-18kn) I use short lines 24", eventhough I get overpowered quick with this setup. But maybe is being fast overpowered the Trick...
  • I also have experienced for upwind there are better positions possible. From speedsetup making lines shorter and moving the harnesslines forward can make a difference! However speedsurfers aren't really intrested in upwind :)
The feeling I like is close to be able to sail no-hands. When you can sail with no hands and balance the sail on the rear of the board. This means the lines are a little touch to the back of the center of effort.

But I dont understand why Neilpryde isn't making 24"-30" harnesslines anymore... Have to try another brand, 22"-28" is not very handy... Can't believe this would have been a racer who decided to change to these adjustable harnesslines sizes

Conclusion would be: play around with your harnesslines lenght and position to suit your own Style!!

19 September 2009

Comment working again

The comment-function wasn't working really great (small error). Because somehow wordverification wasn't visible, thank Aart-Jan van Zadelhof for noticing. Now wordverification is off, so everyone can comment anonymous again.

I never noticed because of my google-account is always signed in. This way there was no word-verification needed.

A bit off-topic, but it would be great if more serious windsurfers would become follower, this might give the website some more value/opportunities. I would like to keep it secret, but there will be a gps-test of something quite new/unknown in speedsurfing. This is made possible thanks to the hugh amount of readers and visitors, really great!! With near 100 readers and over 4500 visitors and increasing each month I am very motivated to publish new stuff. Most articles are published because I personally missed the information on the internet. But I believe that the readers can come up with much better missing information online. If you can think up any test/article for speedsurfingblog don't hesitate and contact!



16 September 2009

Amstelmeer Nautical Mile WAR!!!

Not even 1/2 Month my Amstelmeer Nautical Mile was good enough to lead the ranking... Peter de Wit declared 13-September-2009 a Nautical Mile WAR, just 0,4 kmh faster. He was also complaining about the low entry and end speed of the Nautical Mile... hehe (this is were my lightweight is becoming usefull)

Actually very intresting because I believe bodyweight isn't involved in this competition, my downwind angle is a bit deeper in gusts, topspeed might be a bit lower. However in windgaps+ chop+waves my bodyweight isn't disturbing the boardtrim as fast as the heavier guys.

Soon another Sonntag Fins SL-S 320 will arrive, this one will be more highspeed focussed on long distance. I am almost 100% sure 60kmh will be broken in the first LONG windgust. WATCH OUT Peter ;)

14 September 2009

Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

2 years ago I had this experience together with my dad, it was a stormy day and everything went wrong that day with work. It ended in a long day (20 hours working). We worked hard to keep real human shit out of the street.

13 September 2009 was also a day like that, I am not superstitious but sometimes you can't argument about certain facts. I don't know where the motivation came from to keep on but these things went wrong:

  1. The session started with an overdownhauled sail, after 45min and being overtaken a few times I fixed this
  2. In a massive good gust on reasonable flat water I sit down, good acceleration. I actually thought this is going to be 70kmh. But after 2-3 seconds, BANG. Sail was totally wrapped up, oh SHIT my X9 snaplock failed again. Did some runs after that, but my good mood was ruined
  3. I went to shore to tape my X9 boom, and there I found my GPS (navi GT31) to be crashed. The screen was frozen and this is the 3th time in a row, time to send this one back...
  4. After 30 min I was lucky because I could use Peter his spare GPS. Unlucky because my session with this gps misses the 63kmh run...
  5. I changed my falcon 91 for Falcon 79, this was good. However with this windstrenght it was really on the edge falcon 79 + Sonntag Fins SL-S 320. I actually counted 3 seconds airtime in my best run (speed was somewhere between 63-65kmh). But it was simply to much lenght which made it feel scarry, sailed a few times 35kn, but didn't dare to throttle more.
  6. In the end I was able to do some fast runs, but it was already quite late. And ofcourse the wind started to decrease. Had to stop because otherwise it would end in a swimming session.
  7. At home my computer couldn't load GPSAR 4.12 anymore. Also the wireless internet didn't work from my computer. Maybe time to do some maintenance
Now on a 8 year old Toshiba laptop (that always works) I downloaded GPSAR & wrote this little article.

Glad my "murphy's law day" is over for this year at least !!!

12 September 2009

Loft Sails Blade 2010

Is Loft Sails always this quick in releasing racesail data, or is the 2010 just that good to publish it already right now? New sizes/ other aspect ratio.

Blade 2010 mast lengths are shorter than the 2009s- some sails drop down a size for the mast rec.
For example, the 09 6.8 morphs to a 7.0 for 2010. The 6.8 09 is best on a 460rdm, the 2010 7.0 rigs on a 430rdm.
Photos Blade 7.0 2010 with a 100% carb 430 rdm.
Good winds, Monty

In the Netherlands I have noticed Loft Sails are competitive sails, good windsurfers go really fast with the sails. The 2009 had a nice more full belly, now the 2010 a smaller aspect ratio?!? All sound like good developments too me.

I wonder how fast monty went this day... It looks VERY fast, at least 42kn or something...

The sail showed on pictures is a 6.3, THE most used speedsize

07 September 2009

Video: Rover Speed Challenge 1991

Rover speed challenge 1991 Production world cup 1991 from Chipmunk on Vimeo.

Great footage, so far I can see 2 video's behind each other. First some speed at West Kirby stone wall, the second video is the 1991 Production Worldcup. The colors of the gear are great!! Hope to see more footage of the old days! I have a old "how to speedsurf" book and so far I can conclude there is not really much changed how to go really fast.

Maybe I am wrong but it looks very similar to today's speedsurfing. Only our current gear is more stable and efficient.

06 September 2009

The Windexperience 2009

What a great event, saturday was just the best "windsurfingevent-day" since a while. Wind was something like 5-6 Bft, with gusts reaching to 7bft. Lots of freestylers/freeriders/speedsurfers/slalomsurfers and even some big gear on Sunday. It was great to see everybody smiling and from what I have heard the testfavorites were Tabou Threestyle/ Rocket but also Fanatic Ray/freewave.

Many talented windsurfers, also a lot of young guys/girls! At one moment the water was really full, never experienced this on the Amstelmeer.

For me the last few days were wonderfull, Thursday/Friday big speeds (79/77kmh) and saturday some freeriding with my new favorite fin Sonntag SL-S 320, turned out into 67.7kmh and 64kmh+ average.

Make sure you'll be there too next years windexperience!!!

04 September 2009

04-09-09 l hydroptere new worldrecord(s)? Two new records, is this true?? Amazing fast.

54kn+ peak
51kn+ 500m run
48.7kn Nautical Mile

This is unbelievable, so far my best french the wind was something like 25/28kn. And the WSSRC have ratified this record already?

This really pushes all bounderies...

New PR Strand Horst: Almost 71-80kg leader

03-09-2009 - What a day, I went to Strand Horst just to have a safe and relaxed speedsession. Never thought about going after these extreme speeds, my first 75kmh run and 79kmh peak amazed me. My second 75kmh run and 79kmh peak was soooo explosive acceleration (I sheeted out...). I even managed another 75kmh run, beside LOTS of 73.x kmh runs. I really need to get used to this kind of speedsurfing, it is just overall 3kmh faster than before :)

Gear used:
Falcon Speed
RS:Slalom MKIII 5.5
Sonntag Fins
GPS_2 26cm

After some time on water I decided to go to the beach and eat some food. I thought lets do a double test. Soo I changed my fin too Select Caspar Speed (pro-model) 25cm. I would say this fin is quite damaged, but still my fastest select ever. The first 2 runs were fastest both 74.x kmh runs, peakspeed was something about 77kmh.

Next time I will try a Sonntag GPS_2 25cm, with some upgrades. With the experience of yesterday this could be the fin fast enough for 1th place.