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23 January 2010

My weight :)

This is a first: I added weight during winterstop. My last session was 5 Decembre 2009, I know for sure my weight was 79-80kg... I tried a few things to add some bodyweight for speedsurfing, but doing physically nothing and a bit stressful job seems to be the key.

Yesterday I thought let's see... And the dail stopped at 84kg,  I thought WOW thats +5. That is a weightclass up, near 90kg (that would be perfect). 

PLUS: according to all lightweight surfers I should be faster (yeah right.....)
MIN: it makes it harder to compare last years testresults with the 2010 sessions

When my weight stays above 81kg after the first few sessions I have to change my gps-speedsurfing profile before the real speedsurfing session in 2010. 

It would mean I have to compare against other competitors in weightclass:
  • Dirk Doppenberg
  • Serge Beumer
  • Peter Volwater
  • Dylan de Jong
  • Chris Lockwood
  • Farrel O'Shea

3 Responses:

chris said...

Erik, loose that weight !!
Its not a positive thing to be heavy (been there ;) ). Use extra artificial weight for speesurfing. It's easier to drop that weight then become lighter as a person.

herman said...

Indeed... I'm also working on LOOSING some weight (from +95kg to 90kg), much better for my body and early planing... ;-)

Erik Loots said...

Early planing?? Just take a bigger board ;)

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