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26 January 2010

No more adsense for speedsurfingblog

For 2010 I decided to end all adsense on because it costs me to much time. I invested lots of time in "earning online some bucks". At the end of 2009 I studied the stats and for a windsurfing/speedsurfing blog advertising via adsense isn't intresting for me. Most important for me is good content and making a difference for windsurfing/ speedsurfing, not advertising.

I prefer to work directly with partners, help each other directly.

3 Responses:

herman said...

Windsurfing is indeed not the best adsense-niche on the www (windsurfingholidays is another story ;-) ).

Madsurfer said...

I can agree with that. But it doesn't mean you can't have advertisers on your blog and still have provide quality. You invest a lot of time and effort in your blog so I wouldn't mind you would earn money with it.

Great redesign by the way.

Monalisa said...

Block adsense Junk Ads and make your earning double

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