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01 January 2010


Main Project: Promote Windsurfing and Speedsurfing has one main goal, promote windsurfing and speedsurfing by quality articles. The site is non-profit and thanks to a large amount of returning visitors, we are able to get more worldwide attention for this beautiful sport. This project is focussed to get worldwide attention for our sport, this is actually very hard. But we keep doing our best ;).  Also check the Media Project

Project Speedsurfing Guides
By documenting lots of findings we will publish guides for speedsurfing. By publishing this information we aim to get speedsurfing more interesting and give the right direction to grow to the speedsurfingblog reader. The goal is to have guides for starters till proriders.

Project Pro-Speedsurfing
The goal for pro-speedsurfing is simple, making speedsurfing as broad as possible. By interviewing upcomming or talented speedsurfers/ constructors/ brands. We try to contribute to make speedsurfing for every brand / sponsor / speedsurfer worth all the energy put in. Not only one brand, one hero policy. Speedsurfing is exciting and lively, not a sport that has stopped and is stuck at one point.

Project Speedsurfing & Travel
This is the latest project, to forfill the wishes of the dedicated speedsurfers. It is the goal to search and put all experience together and get a clear vision what spots YOU HAVE TO VISIT when you are a speedsurfers. With clear information about wind/conditions/costs/etc. On later stage it is the goal to search for new places.

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