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07 January 2010

Snow, ice and more bad news in North-West europe

The latest speedsurfing sessions in my neighborhood was 31-12-2009. Now 7 Januari 2010 is the 7th day without speedsurfing in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK. Predictions (as far as I can evaluate) show this cold period to last a few more weeks.

Actually it is plausible we will not be able to do a january session on our own ground! Maybe 2010 will be the year down-under to be unbeatable in the evaluated ranking or gps-teamchallenge.

About the gps-teamchallenge there will be a team formed with Amstelmeer riders. I will be team captain for at least 2010 and so far 12 riders have registered (email). We will meet on short term and share thoughts etc. As soon as possible I will publish the team, first we have to confirm a lot of things. The teamsize is unlimited according to the rulebook, if you are also windsurfing with GPS around the Amstelmeer AND willing to join our team please contact me. I believe it will be a lot of fun and the team is various soo we should be able to perform in the teamchallenge at more things beside AVG and 2sec.

I wish the coldness to disappear ASAP, yesterday from work to home (Amsterdam-Alkmaar) we drove 45km in 3 hours and 15 minutes, that's 13,84km/h average or 7.5kn average speed. The Netherlands is not build for this weather......

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