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17 January 2010

Promotion with Social Media

This article is not really about speedsurfing, it is an idea maybe out of reach, maybe interesting but most likely it will not happen. I had some doubts for this one to click on the publish button. But would like to share my thoughts, maybe I forgot something in my argumentation..

I read sometimes sharp comments ( "do you want visitors again?") about speedsurfingblog, I guess windsurfers don't really understand/believe the most important goal of itself. To be honest, I would like to see windsurfing on television nowadays.

Goal in a few words:
"Promote windsurfing/ speedsurfing"

Is the goal achieved??? Not even close.

The problem:
Windsurfing is barely on TV, radio, newspaper and even in online readers you don't see much.  Speedsurfingblog visitors are for 99% known in windsurfing. Speedsurfingblog is found by search words like "Neilpryde Matrix etc." or links on other windsurfing sites.

The speedsurfingblog idea:
My last vacation (christmas 2009) I was thinking, what can I do to promote windsurfing a bit during these cold days??? It shouldn't cost me money, invest some time is OK, maybe 5min per day. And it should be easy, don't want another pain in the head. I went on google looking for all sort of things, at one point I found a few sites that submit stories... for free., and many more. It is called social media.

You know how many visitors these sites have each year? Over 100 milion unique visitors EACH

When 1 person submits a windsurfing article it will never appear between other sports, its a number thing... I believe the windsurfing community is for a large part online, windsurfing forums are used worldwide to share all kind of information. We (online) windsurfers can make windsurfing populair! For example when 50% of the speedsurfingblog visitors would social bookmark the articles  it would appear in front of milions of readers. (calculation: 60 clicks/day*3days= 180 clicks= enough) At one point this "online interest" should be taken serious!!!! Conclusion: We windsurfers should social bookmark all high quality windsurfing articles we like to the world.

Now I did my part, making speedsurfingblog articles easy to social bookmark. And this article to explain how it works, the possibilities, the reason etc. Let me know what you think about it, or a better idea??

4 Responses:

pay per click management said...

Good post I enjoy reading your content. Social bookmarking is one of a good source for site backlinks.

social bookmarking sites said...

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Erik Loots said...

Thank you for these comments! Do you believe social bookmarking is a new way to promote a sport (in this case windsurfing)?

Rolf Aalders said...

Hi Erik!
Compliments for your new blog post!
I definitely agree that using Social Media is a great way to promote stuff.

There's so much content to be found on the internet, but the trick is to find the good content.
Using social media to point one another to the good content is the best way to share the joy.

Currently I'm using Twitter, hyves (dutch "facebook") and Delicious.
I'm not sure, but may be there's a way to publish the social bookmarks on your website. May be a widget of applet, or some other integration?!
It might be an option to show some twitter seach feed on your site as well... I kwow there's a solution for that.
It seems there's a widget for delicious as well:

You mentioned Digg and indeed that seems to be a very nice tool as well.
I created an account just now: rolfaalders
(just Dugg this blog post :) )

There's a widget for Digg as well:
It allows you to show Digg content on your website :)
I think the third option in section B is just nice for this purpose :)



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