Top-10 Speedsurfing Spots in the Netherlands has for everyone willing to visit the Netherlands for some action the best 10 speedspots in a row. All speedsurfers in the world I like to invite to the Netherlands, it will be not very sunny or dry or warm, but there is a good chance to do some speedsurfing sessions with Dutch best riders on the great spots we have.

The spots are judged by:

  • Speedpotential
  • Chance for good wind
  • Difficulty
  • Local action
  • Local accomodation
[Spot number 10] Bad Hoophuizen
Bad Hoophuizen is a shallow spot, thanks to the depth 0,3m-0,6m the chop cannot build really high to form waves. This means the spot is good for speedsurfing from 14kn. Speedpotential 40kn-45kn, but some claim 50kn is possible here. The spot is accessible in mediocre winds for all speedsurfers. The spot is behind this camping, lots of 'local' windsurfers. A disadvantage is the location being not really near to the coastline, this means average less wind... But it works with almost any windangle

[Spot number 9] Amstelmeer
This is my homespot, yes it doesn't end in top-3. The Amstelmeer lies next to the sea (Den Helder), this gives great wind and strong gusts especially with NW windflow (often most wind of the Netherlands). The water is about 2-3m deep, this gives high chop or small waves. Many locals (national competitors) testing gear, training even some sneak previews or proto's. The spot gets slower and slower each year thanks to some naturefreaks, still a good place to keep good shape and have fun. 40kn would be about the max...

[Spot number 8] Ouddorp Haven
I lived for a few months near this spot, its quiet, but always a flat spot somewhere. You can stand almost everywere, watch out for sharp rocks etc. in the water. Speedpotential is quite good with Northern or Northeast windflow, at least 40kn is possible. A good spot to learn the first basics about sailing behind a (sand)bar. The spot is near the coastline which gives more chance of having good wind (Northeast is often stronger in South of Netherlands)

[Spot number 7] De Houw
It is allowed windsurfing here between 15 June and 1 August, the rest of the year only birds are allowed. Also a shallow spot (0,3m-0,6m), the spot lies next to Makkum and is great with westerly windflow. Not really possible to sail behind sandbars, so always a bit choppy. Speedpotential is 38-40kn, not really high but always good fun over here. The spot is behind the afsluitdijk (also interesting to see/drive over the afsluitdijk). Wind from the west is best on this spot. I always see some surfers when I drive by.

[Spot number 6] Haringvliet
This is a great spot with South windflow, it is officially not allowed to surf here was told me. But I never saw a sign and wasn't alone either. It is a extreme small spot, still possible to go fast near 45kn. You will sail behind the stone wall. Chance is really good for wind, but it only works with a small range of windangles... I use this spot sometimes to test alone or with a small group speedfins. Also Haringvliet is a good spot to learn the first things about sailing behind the sandbar.

[Spot number 5] Lauwersmeer
This spot is not close to my home, otherwise I think this would be the place to train for me. A lot of good windsurfers, a lot of different gear, multiple places to go fast, with any winddirection you can sail and reach speed inbetween 30-45kn (depending on conditions). Difficulty depends on windstrenght, I sailed only once and was not able to do any good (50-55kn). Often more or less the same windspeed as on the Amstelmeer, only this lake is much larger

[Spot number 4] Herkingen
This is the only spot on the list I never visited. Also not really close to my home, but it is not far from coastline and with Southwest I always see good speed from here. Sailing behind the stonewall and in front of some big wooden poles, exciting! Speed around 40-45kn are done here on regular basis. I hear often rumors this spot being to crowded and dangerous. I have to visit this spot***

[Spot number 3] The Brace
The fastest spot for most speeders so far in the Netherlands, works with SouthSouthWest-Southwest and low tide (at least -40cm). With good windprediction you will find some other speedsurfers. The reason why this spot is not nr.1 is 1.8km walking+ only 2 really fast sessions per year according to stats.... You never need a sail bigger than 6.2 or a board bigger than 80 liters here!! When the wind blows, it blows good!

[Spot number 2] 't Kuitje
Also near Den Helder, with many sandbars for many winddirections. The first time surfing here you will only be watching out for the sandbanks. After you learned where to sail it is a wonderfull spot with really flat water. Speedpotential seems to be unlimited, with 48kn already on the GPS by some speeders. Often sailed here with North East or other Easterly winddirections and low tide. Not the easiest place to go at first, but once you know how it works.... sweet water is hard ;)

[Spot number 1] Strand Horst
Actually the same type of spot as Bad Hoophuizen, only big difference is the big amount of windsurfers on the water, also the HUGE flat water area. A lot of national speedcompetitors joke about this spot, but still the Ultimate Speed Meeting and all great sessions in the past made Strand Horst the place that made speedsurfing like it is today... I have many good memories over here. Only wind lacks sometimes a bit over here...

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.


  1. herman dailybitsMay 10, 2010

    A very nice post!

    Maybe also a big point is how close all those spots are compared to other bigger countries.
    If you live in the centre of the country all spots are within 2 hours by car.

    Very lucky all those dutch speedguys (already compared to all belgians who have to travel at least 1h. to reach the spots like herkingen and +2h. to horst)!

  2. IngolfMay 12, 2010

    Leuk verhaal!

  3. AnonymousApril 10, 2011

    nice one!
    It would be could to have rental info and camping places near by.

    I am a bit stuck trying to find out where i can rent from and where not, as also renting gear is very important

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