[preview] Neilpryde RS:Slalom MK4

neilpryde RS:Slalom MKVI

2011 neilpryde RS:Slalom MK4
The new 2011 Neilpryde RS:Slalom MK4 prototypes look nice. Pieter Bijl still rides the fanatic falcons, guess he still likes them.

Looking to the sailprofile it would be rigged on the X6 mast, I might be way off, but that is about how the MK3 looks like with X6.

2011 neilpryde RS:Slalom MKVI
Or will this be the new RS:Slalom MK4?? Or maybe the H2 2011?? Nice board BTW ;)

Erik Loots

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  1. That last photo has 4 cams. Surely its a RS:Racing proto?

  2. But such a small mastsleeve made me wonder...

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    RS:Slalom looks nice but does it work? I own a RS:S MKIII 7.0 LTD now and still have problems with tuning it in overpowered conditions. Same as my RS:S MKI 6.7 before, coudn't get used to it. Sailed V8 normally and now also sailing H2 8.2 and i think the difference in control and handling is hughe! OK, the RS:S has definitely more power (and speed), but is quite a handfull in powered up. Still do some tuning, or get an other sail?

    Any comments?

  4. Hi,

    The RS:Slalom MKIII rocks also in overpowered conditions. However compared to the RS:Racing and H2 it is something different. The RS:R gives high stability, and the H2 has a controlable speed.

    The RS:Slalom is inbetween= high speed and a bit less stability. Soo trim as much stability as you can.

    I did use lots of battentension (batten 1-3 from bottom), lots of bottom-strap tension and lots of downhaul. Outhaul seems to be better when it is like recommended or less, don't pull to much outhaul tension.

    Depending on your mast you need to find out what downhaul is a lot. Some masts rec. setting was a lot, with other X9 masts I ended much further than rec. settings.

    Definitly worth to try a few things, performance+range can be boosted like 50% with good tuning.