Green Island Speed Week 2010

green island
During doing my weekly look around on the web I saw something really nice, in downunder there was a speedevent in paradise "Green Island Speed Week". The event took place between 8 and 12 July. Best speeds were around 33-35kn, but the photos tell enough. Very nice nature over there, must feel great sailing at the Green Island. Totally a different nature than we find in the Netherlands.

New style has been invented over there "no-front-foot-in-strap", must be a sign for good atmosphere. Last year the Alpha-500m was a division to score points, lots of gybe pictures on seabreeze. The event didn't have nuclear winds, again confirmation the whole world seems to be out of good wind in 2010.

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Here is the location
windsurfing green island
windsurfing green islandwindsurfing green island

Erik Loots

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    hmm who has designed that yellow nude board?