My Windsurfing Gear 2010

This article shows brandnew photos of my gear for 2010. Also I try to explain why I chose these sizes/models. Friday I went to (speedsurfingblog) photographer Rolf Aalders, in the afternoon we did an equipment photoshoot. I think the result is really good, all gear looks soo nice ;). It is really great to work together with Rolf, he learned me a lot about photos and has a lot of good ideas, things you don't see easy as fulltime windsurfer. Rolf just started windsurfing and I use my knowledge to help (beside his windsurfing lessons). A win-win situation. We did the photoshoot on the hottest day in 20 years at the eurofun centre (zevenhuizerplas). 

windsurfing gear erik loots 2010

The boards for speed
starboard isonic speed special W44

Starboard iSonic Speed Special W44
This 44cm wide speedboard is build for flat water, this is the place where the board should perform really great. With this board it should be possible to do on flat water +5kn over all my old personal speedrecords. For every serious speedsurfer it is important to have a flat water canon in their quiver. Often you only get 1 shot in a few years, it would be stupid when you don't have the right gear at that moment. The bottomshape is V, the fastest you can get.... No doubt this thing does 50kn

starboard isonic speed special W49

Starboard iSonic Speed Special W49
This 49cm wide speedboard is capable to handle flat till moderate choppy water. With a bit different bottomshape this works good, there is a bit monoconcave/ doubleconcave. This gives the board more stability over chop.
In the Netherlands we compete in mediocre conditions, therefor you need a speedboard that handles chop in the most efficient way possible, this is were the W49 comes in action.
starboard isonic 2010 86

Starboard iSonic 86
This board performs great on chaotic water, it happens often with 40kn of wind the water gets a bit chaotic. When there is no flat water speedboards are often not that great. I actually wanted to get the speed special W53, since it was sold out I chose this one, now I am HAPPY because this a real open water blaster. Also on flat water the board amazed me... I hope some powered up session, I still have to break 38kn on open water. This board will do that.
starboard isonic woodcarbon 111 2010

Starboard iSonic 111 Woodcarbon
After almost 3 years with an 80-90 liter board as biggest I wanted comfort+width+speed. This is what I requested at the starboard importer and he adviced me the iS111 woodcarbon. Personally I even thought about the iSonic 121. The board starts to plane in really low wind, it takes about 11kn to have fun. So far I managed all sessions to double the windspeed or even more. No wonder Dunkerbeck is so fast this year. On one of the very first reaches I hit 60km/h, when it glides 50km/h is in reach even in ultra lowwind.

The sails for speed
severne reflex 2010
The Severne Reflex sails are my weapons for 2010, with a deep belly and twist the sails have potential. The bendy last 30cm of the trailing edge makes it superstable, riding no-hand-on-boom is easy.

Severne Reflex 7.0
This is my biggest sail, it has got plenty of speedpotential. So far I used the 460 enigma mast and it feels almost magic. The sail will be used from 10-35kn depending on the conditions. Boards iS111-iS86-iS W49

Severne Reflex 6.2
The size that will be used for most speedsessions. For speedsurfers in competition 6.2 is most important. The first session out of the bag it did 70+km/h average, not bad... I am convinced this sail will bring me to new personal records. It feels soo powerfull, without drag..

Severne Reflex 5.6
An important size in (constant) wind from 25 till 45kn. This sail can reach worldrecord speed for sure, I rigged it and it is soooo sweet. This size should drive me to new records... Check out the speed (first session, new out of the bag!!!)

Severne Reflex 5.1
To survive mindblowing gusts while accelerating as a mad man. With this sail I hope to learn speedsurfing in 50kn+, big respect for windsurfers like Dirk Doppenberg, Martin van Meurs, Antoine, Finian, etc... I am still amateur at this part. Soo gimme wind, I want to master all conditions ;)

The fins for speed
sonntag fins 2010
The sonntag fins helped me so far to improve every record at any chance I had. The first session with starboard+sonntag gave me high confidence, the combination works great.

Sonntag GPS_2
I will be using this fin in sizes between 24-30cm, this fin can do over 50kn. It is an extreme design, wish there were more opportunities to use it. Still the fin is easy to use at lower speed considering profile and thickness. For iS W44-W49- iS86

Sonntag SL-S
I like this fin best in choppy conditions, flat water also works great. With choppy water there is an advantage which I never found in any other design. On broad courses it can go soo fast, and you never notice the chop/waves. I use this fin in sizes between 28-43cm. 

Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.

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