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30 June 2010

Waterproof Videocamera

gopro HD camera
I am almost at the point to buy a waterproof videocamera. I would like to do HD surfvideo's, to shoot speedsurfing action, lifestyle and much more... While having hundreds of idea's and being very enthousiastic, the costs are a bit the downside of the whole plan. The Gopro HD helmet cam + SD card = €400,-. Would it be worth investing this much money for speedsurfingblog videos. Compared to everything else ($10,-/year domaincosts) this is much more money.

Buying the camera yes or no??? For €400,- I also could last 1 month longer without work. Difficult decision...

I don't want to give all idea's already away (otherwise there is no surprise), I would start with these videos:
  • 1 About speedsurfing video, a video to point out the whole idea of speedsurfing. What is making speedsurfing such a nice addicting sport. For non-windsurfers and non-speedsurfers.
  • A few tuning tips on video. For speedsurfers.
  • Video featuring (small) crossings (10-30km) which I am planning to do. For getting more attention from non-windsurfers.
  • Spotreview video's, can it be easier to check out by video if a spot suits your needs?? For people that are looking for holiday/ alternative places to windsurf.
  • much more...
Is there a place you can buy the gopro HD helmet cam cheap??? So far buying directly at the gopro website is the best price.

28 June 2010

Windless days

There are some windless days forecasted... Soo I reviewed all my gear again, sorted the fins. Realized how many things I have to test (still didn't found a favorite fin for starboard W44/W49/ iS86). Also would like to test new settings on the 6.2, soo far I see only oppurtunities for iSonic 111 + long fins + 7.0... Better try to get this one going fast ;)

 It would be handy to sell my stuff that will not be used in the next couple of windless days.
This gear is for sale:
  • Neilpryde X9 160-210 (2009), like new, SOLD
  • Fanatic Falcon 91 (2006), bought new 11-2009 for 600,-, used a 15-20x,  now for €450,-
  • Fanatic Falcon Speed (2006), carbon, 75km/h average on Strand Horst, used, for €350,-
  • F2 Missile XS (2007), used a few times,  €350,-
  • Neilpryde MXT extender 48/34cm, €60,-
Gear can be sended worldwide, buyer arranges transport. 

24 June 2010

iSonic 111 + 43cm Sonntag Fins Testday

10-13kn, sunny, onshore, Amstelmeer

Today it was a perfect day for testing longer SL-S 43cm fins, my first session in a boardshort. Nice warm, couldn't imagen a few days ago I needed my winter wetsuit...

For lowwind with the iSonic 111+ Reflex 7.0 the SL-S 43cm was a good size. I tested 2 version:
  • stiffer 43cm 13 degrees rake
  • softer 43cm 11 degrees rake
The softer one gave me a bit better "speed" feeling, lower drag. The stiffer one could handle more pressure, which is nice for lowwind (upwind). In the "best gust" the stiffer one did 50km/h run.

On the Afsluitdijk trip I used the SL-S 40cm 12 degrees rake, this fin rocks and allows choppy conditions. For lowwind however the 43cm gives a much easier ride. The iSonic can be trimmed well with these different fins, I am happy with the results.

Next goal: SL-P + iSonic 111

23 June 2010

[preview] Neilpryde RS:Slalom MK4

neilpryde RS:Slalom MKVI

2011 neilpryde RS:Slalom MK4
The new 2011 Neilpryde RS:Slalom MK4 prototypes look nice. Pieter Bijl still rides the fanatic falcons, guess he still likes them.

Looking to the sailprofile it would be rigged on the X6 mast, I might be way off, but that is about how the MK3 looks like with X6.

2011 neilpryde RS:Slalom MKVI
Or will this be the new RS:Slalom MK4?? Or maybe the H2 2011?? Nice board BTW ;)

22 June 2010

Karpathos, King of Paradise 2010

Karpathos, Chris Schill Procenter organises a great speedevent. If you are looking for a holiday with some speed action you might like this one!! For attending check out this facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=129702213720020

The contest will take place during week 29, 30 and 31.
19th July - August 8th.

 Chris Schill Procenter Paradise bay (Devils bay), Afiarti, Karpathos Greece.

21 June 2010

Quickly Go Mad Speed Sailing DVD

sandy point dvd
I just saw a DVD about the Sandy Point action is out! Haven't seen the actual DVD yet, but there is a preview video.

To buy the DVD go here:

Quickly Go Mad is a locally produced DVD that is a must for anybody into speed sailing.This video is a landmark in Australian windsurfing as it captures the spirit and character of these humble, yet world class windsurfers who are taking their bodies to the highest speeds possible on windsurfing gear.
A trully entertaining documentary, and an extras section featuring GoPro onboard footage of speed runs, and a few stacks.For me, this video leaves me smiling every time as the passion of the people involved comes through.

Quickly Go Mad from drift media on Vimeo.

20 June 2010

Afsluitdijk Windsurfing Trip

Wad1team member Marcel Braas had a nice idea to go along the afsluitdijk, together with teammembers Tjitse and Gauke we were in for some adventure! The idea was to test the spot potential for long distance. We sailed between 12:00-13:00 (GMT+2hrs), the winddirection was far to North 340 degrees in the beginning and we ended with 345 degrees. For me it was just possible to reach upwind along the Afsluitdijk, I was sailing 60 degrees at this moment, speed upwind 34km/h!!

The downwind part was 120 degrees, which was fun if there was a bit of wind, most of the time (windgaps etc.) we had difficulty to go this deep downwind. With this in mind we didn't go further than the Monument.

Downwind I could barely keep the dail above 50km/h average. There was normal chop + chop @ 90 degrees of the Afsluitdijk. A bit messy but OK.

I liked the experiment, it was short but a lot of fun and something totally new!! I used my Isonic 111 Woodcarbon + Reflex 7.0 + Sonntag SL-S 40cm 12 degrees, it matched quite good :). I had soo much fun, maybe I should do more long distance and less 10sec peaks... at least in low wind ;) session:

Another Surfsession

Yesterday I went to Strand Horst for many reasons. Had to transfer my RS:Slalom sails, meeting with Joerg Sonntag, my brother wanted to go to Horst, teamchallenge Nautical Mile, lots of wind predicted and last but not least check out if I still was able to do some speedsurfing on Strand Horst since my worst USM result ever ;).

It wasn't really nice, the biggest mistake would have been my 2mm summer shortarm wetsuit, singlelined. I assume with only a few hours before the longest day it would be OK, but it was way to cold. Something about 10 degrees celsius, I was shaking all the time. And the speed wasn't very exciting which couldn't make me warm. The plan was to stick and make 5 runs till 20:00, but I just made it till 17:30 and was happy to have my clothes on.

Today I might use my WINTER wetsuit again, global warming...

I am satisfied with yesterdays dayranking since I know what I have done. There was definitly some space, the fastest run was a bit dangerous, I was quickly accelerating to 69.8km/h slowing down in the middle to 63km/h to cross a few windsurfers, than full throttle back again to 70km/h peak. Yep this was my 67.5km/h run, could have been faster for sure. I didn't want to push it at that moment, because I had no precedence... And it was no record day anyhow, soo don't want to spoil someone else his day ;).

Tuning was good for the 7.0, now loose leach was just at the black/white vertical stripe. This is excellent for speed. My small sonntag SL-S also need more rake for strand horst, think something about 13 or maybe 14 degrees for high speed potential. This is a big difference with the fanatic falcon monoconcave.

18 June 2010

[preview] F2 Missile Racing LTD

Dutch speed recordholder Dirk Doppenberg showed some pictures of the 2011 F2 missile. The board looks nice, knowing the history of F2 (holding the current production world record) it will be a sweet board. According to Dirk they are in a very early stage of development, very cool to share already some pictures.

I think all F2 fans will be stoked when they can add some new speedboards to their quiver. Maybe finally a big speedboard for them?? I know some F2 riders really wanted something for lightwind.

Here you can find all info:

17 June 2010

[preview] Starboard iSonic Super Speed Special

I accidentally found these pictures ( of the new 2011 Starboard iSonic Super Speed Special. Looks sweeet, already I see some usefull details! It is really great starboard takes speedsurfing serious! Hope to ride my very own Speed Special W44 (2010) soon in good powerfull wind.

The newer on the pictures has more footstrap positions, thinner under the mastfoot (concave in deck). A bit different outline?!?, the tail looks even smaller, but I don't know for sure.

starboard super speed special

starboard super speed special

starboard super speed special

starboard super speed special

't Kuitje Den Helder Sessions

Photo by Ger, sail underdownhauled (first run)
Already 2 sessions in a row and it looks like today will be the third on 't Kuitje, it is a nice oppurtunity to test. Not only I learned about my new gear, finally I got my speed a bit better with Northeast wind. The trick is getting a lot of speed crosswind, this can be used to booost the downwind speed. My acceleration was good, only the short track makes it challenging. Next time my focus will be a bit more on crosswind speed.

The first session on 't Kuitje was not much wind, I spend most of the time on shore. In the end the wind looked like it increased and on the water the latest tuning worked out great. I think to have found  for the 7.0  a nice trim in lowwind. Link to session speed

Yesterday I did the second session, this one was a bit more challenging since I tried again both a new board and sail. The pressure was high with lots of good speedsurfers, after lots of tuning and changing fins I was satified by doing some 70km/h+ runs, my fastest runs ever on 't Kuitje. I feel like there is more to get and I hope to give it a shot today. The speedspecial boards are something different than all other speedboards I have owned, have to get used to how they trim, still not bad breaking my previous spotrecord ;). The big men did big speed on their favorite equipment, amazing what speed Jurjen and Dirk-Jan can get with a 7.0!?! I hope to prove this year that with 83-85kg I also can come close to these guys on this short and tight course.

I saw lightweight teammember Jan Wolters struggling eventhough he had a nice trim, normally Jan can do some damage on the Waddenzee, the wind was not superstrong soo this might prove his point weight does influence results on this course (looking to the dayranking I start to become a believer too). Maybe I take 2kg lead with me next time... Teammembers Marco and Tim (80-82kg) surfed really quick with such a big board (falcon 80).

I am proud to be teamcaptain of the Wad1team, all the Wadjes did great yesterday. The teamperformance resulted in a first place tied with the unbeatable JP/NP team. . I think all teammembers performed above their normal level on at least 1 or 2 points we can score at. The teamspirit is best to boost performance for individuals !!

With the 6.2 Severne Reflex I ended fastest with downhaul on specs and loose leach till the little black line.

15 June 2010

Getting Tuned Up With New Gear

Saturday 12 June I had my first speedsurfing session (before some lowwind experience that doesn't count) with the new starboard/severne equipment. Actually it went better than I thought, for me it was harder than usual to get tuned up. New boards AND new sails make it much harder to find the right trim, once I wrote on this blog "don't replace everything at once". Normally it is smart to test 1 new thing at the time, but again realised doing "it different" can deliver the best findings ever.

In the end I was pleased to find a fast combination of gear and settings (after 2 hours of puzzling). My head made some overhours on the water, constantly searching for improvement (till I felt competitive). Also learned a bit about the behaviour when pulling more downhaul/outhaul.

So far my I used the enigma 460 mast + reflex 7.0 + 0cm extension. Also there was still enough space between the pulley and the extender, soo less downhaul than stated on the sail. It was close to perfection in the end, no other sail ever has pulled me this strong forward when going downwind. I sailed about 120 degrees deep downwind.

The iSonic 111 worked best with mastfoot a bit back+ the sonntag SL-S 43cm (12 degree rake), next time I try a bit less rake& length. The iSonic 86 was magic with the Sonntag SL-S 33cm (12 degrees rake). Really happy to have found already a sweet combination. My good old fanatic falcon 91 SL-S 34cm (11 degrees rake) was over the edge. These isonics are totally something different, I have to get used, the first major change I noticed is that isonics can be pushed harder (with less risk).

13 June 2010

New Design (2.0)

The new website is finally ready and online. The goal was to implement a menu with a clear stucture and usable information for beginners till pro speeders. Menu should cover information for windsurfers, speedsurfers, bloggers and other people that are interested in speedsurfing.

Other demands:
  • faster average loading time
  • facebook integration (since facebook is important)
This design is from speedsurfer Mick Born, all the html-programming/ menu structure and all new content has been done by myself. I think totally it costed about 50 hours to collect all data, and make the design work in most common browsers, some other stuff for search engine optimalisation. Most work was writing all articles in the menu.

I hope you like it! Next days I hope the wind be as good as predicted, need TIME ON WATER

Also when you want to check something else new: the Kater surfshop has a brand new website.

11 June 2010

How To: Do Basic Tuning

These tips are based on the recommendations from Kean Rogers, also known as Roo. I think it is really accurate to start with, it helps me getting new gear going within a short period. Lots of experience is needed to get everything tuned up well. Proriders like Dunkerbeck and Maynard enter the water with often good tuning from start. I think the steps in this article will help most riders to achieve what pro's do.

Be aware this tuning is OK for most conditions, but for special conditions you will have sometimes to take another setup, but often this is little finetuning.

My comments are written in italics

10 June 2010

How To: Prevent Damage

Speedsurfing is a lot of fun and very exciting when going faster and faster, step by step. But be careful not breaking yourself or to much gear. One time I was totally down after breaking 1500,- euro's of equipment in 8 weeks. This was not fun!?!

06 June 2010

The weather

You can always talk about the weather, but one thing for sure ITS BAD. This year is definitly not a windsurfing year, at least I see and experience a lot less action than previous years. I bet after the summer we will get lots of wind, I hope it. A few days ago I had Hans Kleingeld on the phone and we agreed to do some windeffects articles on, subjects that never really have been done. This will be nice and informative, because there are lots of effects at local spots. Big and small effects making a lot of difference.

02 June 2010


I am very happy to announce to be sponsored by Starboard and Severne sails from now on. You will find me on isonic boards and reflex sails, with a big smile! The deal is just done and tomorrow I can get most of my gear, much thanks to Kater, Fox Sports, Starboard and Severne for this superquick service.

Starboard is my first boardsponsor ever. My dream always has been to join starboard, plus at this moment starboard is one of the most serious brands in speed windsurfing, it doesn't get any better. I owned a starboard start/ hypersonic 105/ isonic 105 before and I know for sure the new boards will perform like a starboard always did! Great ;)

Severne Sails will be a first for me, but looking to the sails and Jurjen van der Noord it will be no problem to go fast. The reflex looks superstable and giving amazing acceleration.

When I got some time on water all gear will reviewed here on, many fins and settings to be tried and shared. Photo's to be taken of the new gear. Yes this will be a great time!

I have added some pictures of my starboard passion in the past
Isonic 105 + Gaastra Vapor 6.5, 2007 (good for many times 70km/h+, learned speedsurfing with this board)

Hypersonic 105 + North Spectro 8.0, pre-2005 (early gliding kit)

Freeformula 168, my brothers *board, 2004, we needed something big for early gliding at our homespot "Geestmerambacht"

Start, me doing funboarding, with customized Arrows Dragster ;), 2005. I made with black tape the big logo. Too bad the sail was stolen one year later.

The hypersonic 105 in action, definitly the board with widest windrange ever