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30 September 2010

[preview] North Sails RAM F11

For all North Sails speeders something sweet, the newest RAM F11. Makes me remind back in the day how fast teamriders went with the older RAM F8 in the (speed)worldcup.

north sails RAM F11

> 01
New: Lower aspect ratio makes for
increased acceleration after start and

> 02
improves rotation, control and acceleration

> 03
TWIN.TRIM.CLEW allows for individual
tuning increasing the range of use

> 04
HYPER.CAM - the first hard camber that
rotates like a soft cam

The latest RAM F11 is like the tough little brother of the World Cup WARP F2010! Even
stronger, and with a special and user-friendly character it matches around 90%
performance of the fastest WARP we’ve ever built. During its further development for
2010 two aspects were paramount: Improved handling and performance optimization
through the entire range of use.

7 battens, a narrower mast sleeve and the reduced weight make the RAM F11 far less physical to handle than
the WARP F2010. The brand-new INDEPENDENT.SHAPING.CONCEPT supports this concept decisively.
Instead of just using one kind of shaping for the complete sail (sail body and mast sleeve), for the first time Kai’s
worked with 2 separate 3-D profiles for the sail body and mast sleeve. The wind range has improved drastically
by an impressive 25%.

Additionally the all-new TWIN.TRIM.CLEW lends further positive range of use. The secret of the
TWIN.TRIM.CLEW lies with horizontally placed clew eyelets. The outer clew position provides more power and
direct feeling, while the inner position lends superior control and a softer sensation.

The TT.TOP, super stiff BOX.BATTEN and the wide and conical AERO.SLEEVE mast sleeve design features,
lead the new RAM F11 to breathtaking top end speeds for both GPS and competition pilots. A missile of this
caliber has never been so easy to use and is the secret to it’s success.

Recordattempt Team Mistral

mistral 2011 speed challenge luderitzTeam mistral will join the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge on windsurf gear next to many very fast kitesurfers (Alex Caizergues, Sebastien Cattelan, Robert Douglas, Manu Taub, Sjoukje Bredenkamp, Fred Kloren (dutchguy) and many more)
  • Anders Bringdal
  • Andrea Baldini
  • Farrel O'Shea
  • Zara Davis
These will be the speedsurfers to watch! On the specially build speedchannel in Namibia, I hope in future other manufactorers will follow Mistral in such events (can't remember any other brand with all speedteamriders going for 1 speedrecord attempt). It is a high price to pay for such a recordattempt, lets see what happens in NAMIBIA. The small and sometimes shallow speedchannel should at least deliver exciting stories/video/pictures!!!

Will mistral have a total new speedboard range for 2011, or will it be for teamriders only (custom)? Wouldn't it be something too see Mistral on top of all speedsurfing rankings, who would have thought this not soo long ago. The windsurfers present are fast enough, little example Farrel O'Shea 3th position in current yearranking (rumors are it could have been 2nd place if his GPS didn't died in a hard crash.....)

I will keep you up-to-dat via speedsurfingblog (when I know anything more).

EDIT: There will be 2 other windsurfers too: Nick Vardalaxos, Alberto Possati

29 September 2010


Lately I enjoy testing windsurf (related) stuff the most of all the things I do. I have now soo much positive experiences trying things, the best works for me to start completely blank.

Example: When I receive something new, I just have short look (can't throw it blind in my Seat). My mission is to try it ASAP on the water. I need to use it for at least 1 hour on the water in good conditions. After this I start to measure things and see if it matches my thoughts on the water.

Some testing highlights this year:
  • Starboard iSonic Speed Special W44, DAMN no matter what I keep seeing high numbers on the GPS
  • Sonntag SL-S 30cm + iSonic 86,  WTF I just did (42kn) 78km/h on the Amstelmeer
  • Severne Reflex 7.0 in 30kn+, wow this sail is easy :), I don't need flat water and 30kn is still controlable. THIS SAIL will be my pick for crossing the IJsselmeer (or anything else to cross)
  • Starboard iSonic 111, is there anything this board cannot do?? (speed/slalom/matchracing)
Something learned ;):
  • SL-S 34+ iSonic 86 or SL-S 28+ iSonic W49,  I fly out of the water above 33kn boardspeed with a big SL-S. 
  • SL-P 44cm + iSonic 111+ Severne 7.0,  yes the fin also feels too big in the water (upwind is great though). Thanks to the (<15kn) wind I was still competitive.
  • Severne Reflex with 4cm negative downhaul, yes now the sail is as heavy as it can get and there is clearly no advantage for me. Better don't go further than -2cm
At this moment I just have plenty of time on water to test, plus the fact things do come together for me. Soo I have these ideas what is possible for me (and others). The best experience is when I test something, and there is no doubt, I underestimated my ultimate performance again :).

My advice would be test as much as possible, when not sponsored you can test everything you want. Look for things that work for you!! Serious just do it! Eventually you will find a favorite setting for your favorite board/sail/fin combo. A few will find this the first attempt, some other will find a favorite combo at the 50th attempt. Don't let luck influence your personal records (or maybe worldrecords)!!! Enjoy your windsurf sessions as much as possible

27 September 2010

Updated and new!

Have done some blog work:
  • Now everything that will be published on speedsurfingblog should be automatically linked from the Speedsurfingblog facebook fanpage!  (this will be the first test, lets hope it works)
  • Now the number of pageviews last 7 days on speedsurfingblog is visible for everyone at the bottom of every page
  • Profilepicture has been updated
  • Background has been updated (thx to Wouter)
  • Speedsurfingblog is submitted to even more bloglists, to get more worldwide attention for speedsurfing. (Blogskinny/Blogtoplist/Blogcatalog/Technorati)
  • And some finetuning in menu and menu-articles 
Interesting for other bloggers, it seems to be the pageviews are +- the same as the views by reader (analysed by feedburner and google analytics). This means speedsurfingblog has in total pageviews+ "feedviews" reached the 1000+ views per day average!!! Speed is the shit :)

26 September 2010

Wouter, thanks for the pictures!

Yesterday my brother went with us for a boattrip+ surfsession. He took some very nice pictures, here a preview. Just have receive all other 180 pictures :)
texel de hors

25 September 2010


This morning when I started my laptop and searched the internet for speednews. I found only news that made me sad.

It made me sad too read John Kenny the Irish Recordholder (WSSRC) has passed away last week. R.I.P. An 2009 news story on the starboard site about John and his records:

Also I read Barry van Lingen a fast dutch GPS speeder crashed REALLY hard in la Franqui, broke 4 ribs + all equipment busted (including GPS died). I hope you heal quickly Barry, it does sound like a lot of pain! Crash was caused by a spin-out, he had his crashvest on, damn this could happen every speedsurfer :(

My surfsession today
It was something new and a very positive experience, it made my day. I recently decided to do the Port-Saint-Louis speedevent (if there is some space for me). Soo I was thinking, how can I possibly train tight angle+ light swell. I think you guessed it, today the conditions were PERFECT for getting used to waveriding. In the end I managed 3 times to use the power out of the wave and get extra speed, an amazing feeling. When the board was on top of  the breaker, this gives nice windflow+ more power from the fin.  Have to say I carefully chose my equipment to practice this, all worked fine!!!

Also fair to mention the 15 other times when I ended at the backside of the breaker and losing good windflow+ finpressure. Definitly important to have the right path! Now 16%  of all my runs with succes from using waves, it is a good point to start ;).  In the end I was going a bit too fast for the waves (running out of white water quickly), I like too see progress.

GPS-speedsurfing definitly different than what I did today. Good to be aware of the differences!?!

23 September 2010

More speed news

Carbon Art announced 3 new speedboards according to this forumtopic 49/58/63cm wide speedboards will be added to the existing 40/44/53cm range. 6 speedboards in production, this got to be a new record!!

Some dutch guys can't seem to get enough of South-France speedspot La Franqui. Again around 10 speedsurfers will drive 1400km for a few windy speedsessions this weekend.

chris lockwood custom nude streaker 46chris lockwood custom nude streaker 46Most will know Chris Lockwood has the first spot again in the ranking. Chris doesn't use the CA speedboards anymore, the "nude streaker 46" is his new board for records. With google+facebook I found these pictures.

Wad1team is second again in GPSteamchallenge ;), last session we scored on distance 221km average was a long session. My GPS said I just did 202km and it took ages, I even saw the sun go down during my long distance session. Odometer, grrrrrrr, I did 30km to much, and the GPS made me think I did not enough for 1th place. Still windsurfing in the dark is something special, plus the wind+water gets more constant!!

There are still fast speedsurfers that do believe in polishing boards and fins. I have never had positive experience with polished parts.

Will we ever see any speedrecords actually sailed in the Netherlands??? West-Kirby, La Franqui, Vollerwiek, Sandy Point are now places too be for top-10

nordswell speedwindsurfen de
Gunnar Asmussen and Steffi Wahl won the Nordswell Speedsurfing Tour 2010. With many competitors and 6 heats for men + 5 heats for women. Best average speed of the event (2 runs) 35.004kn by Gunnar.

21 September 2010

Futura Pushing 35 knots

Starboard just dropped me this email, about the futura speedpotential. Nice one to read. I believe the Futura is as fast as the iSonic, last time I did check the shape and it looks fast to me. I know at least 2 happy speedsurfers that have did serious speed or personal records on the futura-series.

Starboard message:
Speed surfers will often own a serious collection of highly specialized gear,
allowing them to improve their personal records, one tweak at a time. But
what happens when you ask a PWA professional to strap on a GPS and start
rigging the 2011 Futura for top speed? We called Kevin Pritchard to find out.

19 September 2010

Wooowwww, pretty big waves + breakers @ Razende Bol

What looked like a boring windsurf day to end this week turned out to be the most exciting experience of them all. First I was looking at the Brace, no wind, too long walk....  After this I was hanging on lutjestrand (Amstelmeer), gusty wind and not really interesting conditions..

Tjitse Spitse called, would you like to join a Razende Bol session???  YES ofcourse!!

Together with Tjitse Spitse, Richard Konstapel and Sieger Boonstra I arrived at the lighthouse. We all rigged something like 6.2m2 and around 60cm wide board.  I used my Isonic 86 + Reflex 6.2 + Sonntag SL-S 31cm. The wind was between 18 and 30kn according to my mobile phone (10minute average wind measurements)....

At the lighthouse you didn't really saw how high&chaotic the waves were... once on the water I had about 10 seconds to learn how to cross breakers, and it didn't went too bad. I was scared to break anything, but commited and smashed through the white water. Once out of the breaking zone the waves were HUGE and short, chaotic in one word. Don't know how high, but had many times lost complete sight between the high waves. Also the challenge was not speed for me, but just keep your board and fin in the water.

At first I was surfing in front, but decided to do 2 gybes and follow Tjitse and Richard (because they are more familiar with this spot). Once landed on the Razende Bol the first thing I did was moving my front footstrap forward, when the board is more in the air than on the water other rules apply... With front footstrap in the middle and backstrap in the rear position it was much better. Also the Sonntag SL-S 310 was behaving like a dream, since speed was nothing, but still sooo safe. Sometime a bit less power is nice.

Back was a challenge too, had to cross 4 breaker short in a row of out 1m high when starting from the Razende Bol Beach... Another first, just the iSonic 86 was very foregiving and helped me a lot, the first attempt I almost lost my windsurfboot. The second attempt was succesfull. Back I had to go a bit more downwind, now really every 4 seconds the water fell away underneath my board.

Also didn't arrive at the right spot back, the beach was complete gone thanks to the high waterlevel. The breakers were smashing against the dyke, had to act very quick and was happy to be onshore again.

There I was standing really impressed about the conditions, the breaker zones is something I really disliked to do again. Once out on sea it is fun. Soo I have to learn a few things more about crossing breakers and get more comftable in high waves. Pretty hard to get out of the breakerzone, and with upcomming tide it was getting only harder soo we decided to end the session.

Yes I am not a "sideshore/onshore wind on sea" pro, but I do like it!!! Next time a bit less wind and go  around the Razende Bol, this will be also a good lesson for windy days. Just have to relax and go with the flow ;)

Thanks for the call Tjitse!

This was my speed:

Loft Sails Blade 2011

loft sails blade 2011
The loft sails blade 2011 does look a bit different, other aspect ratio. New type of battens. Crossbatten is longer or shorter boomlength. All things that really could work for speedsurfing.

I read Ludovic Jossin (on pictures) won the competition (super8) with the new blade.

more info:
loft sails blade 2011

16 September 2010

More personal records

There seems to be no limit with personal records this year, yesterday results:
  • Improved my Amstelmeer average!! Finally was able to put myself on 2nd position in alltime spotrecord, thanks to Pieter Bartlema it took a very long time........ Now all catagories (2sec/100m/hour/etc) I am 1th or 2nd on the Amstelmeer.
  • Fastest speedrun+ topspeed + 500m on Amstelmeer since 2008?? (since the speeddam is higher than 1m)
  • Fastest topspeed with 6.2 (reflex powerrr)
  • Fastest average on iSonic 86  (42kn topspeed!?!)
  • Fastest speed ever with Sonntag SL-S design
Links to session:

UFO speedfins, website online

UFO speed fins windsurfingA speedsurfing orientated brand, I have read something on french forums about them. They are going fast, now a website online:

09 September 2010


Just read a very nice blog about HAM (Hawaiian AMerican Speed Challenge). The article on this blog features video/pictures/story about the speed challenge, Pieter Bijl was fastest with a 38.9kn  100m (between breaking waves).

Check out the blog at windsurfmag

06 September 2010

The Windexperience 2010, speedsurfing set

Danny Kater had suggested we (Peter de Wit and me) should display our speedset on the beach. The idea was to put both sails up in the air with the boards attached. 2 Days before I went to Peter his home and we made some plan+ tried it in his big backyard, it was challenging since the boards really want to go forward. 40m rope+ 2 boxes+ 4 straps was enough to keep everything at the same spot.

The wind was 0- 12kn and the setup worked good, only a bit scarry to see 2x 100% masts full in the sun from 9:00- 18:00 saturday and sunday. But nothing broke, I did check now and then the temprature of the masts.

The windexperience was a succes, even better organised, many brands present, a lot of talented (pro-) windsurfers present, many things to do (even no time left for the speedclinic). Had some nice discussions about speed, good to see interest in speed growing, also lots of young windsurfers would like to go windsurfing with GPS. I was excited to see the NK Slalom, too bad there was no valid heat.

On photo:
My speedset:  Starboard iSonic Speedspecial W49+ Severne Reflex 6.2 + Enigma 430+ Sonntag GPS_2
Peter de Wit:  Fanatic Falcon Speed+ Neilpryde RS:R Evo2 6.2 + X9 430+ Select Caspar Speed

Now I got a little flew, hope it is gone soon. Just no windsurfing today, tomorrow I hope to feel much better because of the good wind in the morning. Maybe finally a new 1-hour record, or an alpha-500 improvement.

02 September 2010

C3 Slingshot

c3 slingshot speed fin
The C3 Slingshot 21cm 
Slingshot, Oops I think Boogie did it again!! A brand new out of the box speedfindesign. Now I was reading this Topic and wanted to reply, but thought an article on speedsurfingblog would be better for such news :)

First Martin van Meurs explained the C3 Slingshot will make speedsurfing easier, more accesible for normal people. That is what we all would like to see. Also it doesn't happen often a 100% speedsurfing part is produced, soo this is good news at least 1 more in the surfbusiness dares to invest into speedsurfing.

From my technical analysis the C3 Slingshot is totally opposite of most other 100% speedfin designs I have seen last years. No, I haven't tried the slingshot.

Conventional speedfin designs:  These fins (compared to slalomfins) offer a bit less control, a small working range, in its sweetspot the conventional speedfin has superlow drag. (I think only 2 speedsurfers in the Netherlands are able to really get into the sweetspot of such designs)
C3 Slingshot design:  More control vs slalomfins, a bigger working range vs slalomfin.... Overall a bit more drag? Given the deviations we have, this drag might be overall as good as conventional slalomfins?!?  Everybody will surf in the sweetspot of the slingshot design, speedsurfing will be easier, speedresults will be more consistent. Less potential, less danger, less risk....

Sizes: 19cm / 21cm / 23cm

When speaking for myself, I keep on training to get used to conventional speedfin designs.... I like the feeling of having a lot of potential underneath my feet, eventhough not being able (yet) to profit,  just hope someday my effort pays out. But for competition (when I want to do it the easy way), I might go for an idea like the slingshot......