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30 October 2010

GPS Speedie Chris Lockwood photoshoot video

Mistral Windsurf Photoshoot 1 from Colin Leonhardt on Vimeo.

Maybe it is just me, but it looks like GPS-Speedsurfers starts to be more involved with R&D. As recreational GPS-speedsurfer I would have a preference for a brand with a good gps-speedsurfer involved at R&D (at least that is what I would like to believe). It will be interesting how Mistral will fit in the 3000++ windsurfer counting speedworld next years, now they have near zero marketshare in speed soo it should go UP. Honestly it would be great if there would be a big effect on sales with guys like Chris in the team.

29 October 2010


This graph displays time vs speed from the last session, which was for the Team. The challenge was to sail as much distance as possible in 1 hour, I did 47.7km in one hour. Overall the average speed was 47km/h, pretty consistent. It is good visible the angle got worse plus the wind got less towards the end of the session (look at upwind speed).

Did chose a fast crosswind combination (iSonic 86 + Sonntag SL-S 30 + Severne Reflex 6.2), but it turned out to be upwind/downwind the whole time. And on both courses it lacked a bit on power. But nice teameffort, we are on top at this moment :)

Marcel Braas commented the graph looked like a heartbeat, I agree

[preview] Wingssails Freespeed 2011

 A new brand too me, with an own design made for freeriding/speed. The sail on picture is an 7.8, 475cm mast and 195cm boom. Strong materials used for this sail.

25 October 2010

[preview] Maui Sails TR7

maui sails TR7
 The new (proto?) TR7 looks great! Good job and good to see Peter Volwater is flying. Found the pictures at

More profile, maui sails twist (that did work perfect for Dirk and Martin personal speedrecords).
maui sails TR7 peter volwater
maui sails TR7
maui sails TR7

Speed Classic, Coupe de France, de Vitesse en Windsurf

Port St Louis 2010 c’est parti !
Après de nombreux rebondissements : changement de dates puis changement de statut de la compétition, nous croyions tous l’événement annulé pour cette année 2010. L’équipe de Juice Event travaille d’arrache pied depuis quelques temps déjà pour que ce national de vitesse soit maintenu et tient d’ailleurs à s’excuser pour le manque de visibilité concernant l’évolution de cet événement.

Ainsi, le Comité Départemental de Voile 13, de la Mairie de Port St Louis du Rhône et le Conseil Général 13 sont fiers de vous annoncer le lancement de la Coupe de France de Vitesse 2010 du 16 au 21 novembre. Les meilleurs français de la discipline seront sur la plage Napoléon pour affronter les claques de mistral et réaliser le meilleur chrono de l’événement sur 500m malgré le froid !

A suivre en live grâce à notre partenaire MyGeolive pendant la compétition sur : news sur le déroulement de l’événement et géo localisation des compétiteurs en temps réel.

Programme :
Mardi 16 novembre
8h - 12h > Confirmation des inscriptions sur site (Plage Napoléon, Port St Louis)
12h30 > Briefing compétiteurs
13h > 1er départ possible
13h - 17h > Suivi des courses en live sur
18h30 > Cérémonie d’ouverture de la Speed Classic 2010 (Salle Marcel Pagnol, Port St Louis)

Mercredi 17 > Vendredi 18 novembre
10h > Briefing compétiteurs
10h - 17h > Suivi des courses en live sur
10h30 > 1er départ possible

Samedi 20 novembre
8h - 10h > Confirmation des inscriptions pour la Junior Speed Classic
10h > Briefing compétiteurs
10h - 17h > Suivi des courses en live sur
10h30 > 1er départ possible
19h > Soirée Speed Classic 2010

Dimanche 21 novembre
10h > Briefing compétiteurs
10h - 17h > Suivi des courses en live sur
10h30 > 1er départ possible
16h00 > Fin de la compétition
18h00 > Remise des prix de la Coupe de France et du Junior Speed Classic 2010 (Salle Marcel Pagnol, Port St Louis)

Gust, gusty and only windgusts

In the summer we can speedsurf in the Netherlands on a good day, perfect for 1-hour-average or distance. Enough stable wind, sometimes a gust (like 10-20% more than average wind). I think my tuning or style or equipment suits summer very well.

At this moment we have only windgusts. From a solid 25kn to <5kn within 5 minutes, not once... No the whole day windsurfing in gusts. (gusts are sometimes 100-200% more than average wind). Distance and 1-hour averages are the real challenge at this moment, at best we have 10minutes wind...

It would be interesting to see if there is a way to improve tuning for "after-season"-conditions. The watersurface gets easier after season (smaller board could be OK), but the extreme low average wind and low temperature requires some volume (or no comfort). Fin can be sailed smaller thanks to better watersurface.

The sailtuning, this is something I am trying to figure out. (thanks to the gusts which make it impossible to compare). What happens with the windflow when the temperature drops, anyone?? Maybe the big trick is adding weight, to stabilize, however not sure about that either. So far the best was taking a small sail, to reduce drag.

24 October 2010

Big Saildesigner news???

Anyone knows what will happen??

21 October 2010

USM 2 /2010

Short report, thanks to the not-so-great-personal-results. I have to applaud for Hans Kleingeld for his right forecast, AND superhigh improvement on his new gear!! The wind was good enough, water was flat, enough space, enough gusts, sun, overall ingredients to make a perfect speedsurfing day.

I did have the worst problem, it felt OK and fast. But I knew it was far from good enough (when looking on GPS). Started carefully to tune little things, but timing was not on my side (gusts etc..). Never got a right overall trim. Maybe it was stupid never to go to Strand Horst with decent "USM-like" conditions to tune up my equipment for the spot. The most frustrating fact is, I still did not found a good trim :( (should have starter WAY earlier with changing trim).  Maybe it is just me not fitting on the strand horst-water, I don't know.

My Session

20 October 2010

2010 Ultimate Speed Meeting number 2 will be held 21 October

Many speedsurfers waited or even wished for another speedmeeting, finally a call for the second one. This one should be a fast day, for at least the top 25 competitors should be able to do 40kn topspeed. We all do hope for a record USM some day, with 43kn averages etc... 

Reason to do this blog article is mainly to make a small archive with data around competitions. Predictions, time and ofcourse results.

BTW: Todays session I was well packed with winterboots+ winterwetsuit+ cap, even some sun which really burned in my eyes downwind, GREAT. With some solid wind I burned enough energy to stay at good temperature. Soo there is hope for next weeks (lets hope months). Temperature of the air makes me feel like the water could be frozen during night soon, 8 degrees celsuis... CCCCCold!!!

Interesting are the predictions for tomorrow, there is some good wind out there in the air. But the question is, will there be wind for speedsurfing?? Like today with every 15min another shower there is enough activity to bring wind to the surface. Also 2 days before this was the case, before every rain shower good wind (for 5 minutes or soo). Yes I am not very positive minded lately, but sun without rain in the middle of the Netherlands at the end of the windsurfing season.... not the most successful combination for speedsurfing this week.

18 October 2010

MISTRAL 2011 guns

Found on one of my favorite websites more info about the mistral guns. First interesting fact, design Chris Lockwood and shape James Hooper, I did see some shape details that reminds me of my very own Carbon Art Speed 44. Interesting to see mistral dropped the idea of the old AB+ speed design. The lockwood design always worked great for me.

Second interesting fact is the tiny little tail... How small is the smallest speedboard, 42 or 38 or maybe even 35cm wide??? I am actually convinced they look much smaller than my W44.

Lets hope for more action video/ pictures of speedteam Mistral in Luderitz. Interesting for sure, especially when these boards will be made for production/ customers, this would mean Lockwood his design will be available in a lot of surfshops.

mistral guns speed 2011

mistral guns speed 2011

mistral guns speed 2011

Records, competition and more news

The first results of weymouth speedweek 2010 are online, Ant Baker Windsurf 1st, Patrick van Hoof 2nd. Highest speed 26.907kn

Luderitz proved to be good for many more National records, if I counted right now 14 times a national record was broken!?!

2 videos of the fastest sessions this month in the Netherlands (Poepegat/ Groningerbalg). Thanks to Ingolf van Oostveen (great videos Ingolf!!)

15 October 2010

[preview] Gun Sails Mega XS 2011

 Preview of the 2011 Gun Sails Mega XS. Looks like Gun has again a competitive sail. It is before I even knew what speedsurfing was, but if I am right there was a period when GUN was one of the favorite sails for speedsurfing.

14 October 2010

Antoine Albeau his reaction made me thinking

Antoine Albeau reaction on, please foregive the weak French (google)translation:
"It's great, especially for Alexandre Caizergues chasing this record for some time. I think their ideal for that spot is ideal for them and especially when you see the kite 's performance Bringdal Anders is 10 knots behind. I am very happy not to have fallen into the trap.
Sebastien Cattelan (note: the organizer and rider Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2010) tried to make me come but they have not found opportunities to make a channel also suitable for windsurfing, it's a shame for us.
Now, it should be involved and help to make it work for us, it would be interesting! is a water works with more wind than in the south of France and temperatures are also good.
Windsurfing is not dropped but we are amateurs compared to them because some kite surfers do that! Like others, I am supported by my partner for titles in slalom and Formula, if I had another partner I could do that too. There is a lack of time, preparation and when people register for the channel of Saintes, navigating often 3 to 4 times in 5 months. To give an example, I did make 3 speed boards and I have been able to test that after all these attempts at Saintes!
Today, I do not have 3 or 4 months to go before me at an event like this, help dig up and configure an appropriate channel for windsurfers. Within a few years this will be the case.
But in any case once again, congratulations to Alex! "

Interesting or not??

[video] Speedsurfing in canal Luderitz (Anders Bringdal)

13 October 2010

Team Sonntag Fins News

There is some exciting news from the Sonntag Fins team.

First Zara Davis did improve the women production record with a Sonntag Fin (and Mistral/Simmer). It is now 36.99kn, best official time ever with Sonntag!!! Check her website for more interesting news

Next news is about Pat van Hoof, he launched his new website, he put some nice stories online. Also regarding his change to FANATIC boards, so now there is a sonntag rider again with fanatic boards!! Keep on the good work Pat!  Also Pat his stories are impressive, you can learn a lot. If you cannot read dutch... Google translate does wonders..

No to forget Sarah Hebert, she wanted to do today a windsurf trip Le Conquet/Ouessant/Le Conque. With live GPS Too bad the conditions were not good enough, eventhough it looked quite good on windfinder. Also in France the wind is less than predicted this period (after summer) of the year :(

12 October 2010

New outright world speed record 54,1kn!! keep an eye on this website. Alex Caizergues did something like 53kn over 500m, record is back with the surfers (powered by kite)


Alex Caizergues on facebook
New Outright World Speed Record, over 100 km/h, 54.10 knots average on 500m!!!!!! Nouveau record du monde toutes catégories, au delà de 100 km/h, 54.10 noeuds de moyenne sur 500m!!!!!

EDIT2: VIDEO of the run

10 October 2010

10-10-10 Kuitje Speeeed

Nothing much like real high speed actually, but some very nice photos of today action at 't Kuitje. I did the challenge of going as fast as possible with the 2011 Starboard iSonic Speed Special W54, in wind <20kn.

At least I learned something, need to investigate more time for a perfect fin for the Dunky style speedboard, the GPS_2 was actually really close to very good. I think the W54 does also like flat water (next to the performance in choppy water during my Amstelmeer PR the W54 was as fast as my iSonic 86)

GPS session:

More photos will be available this week at the teamsite:

Neilpryde RS:Slalom MKVI preview

This is how it looks like, the extra colors around the sail bottom. I guess lighter/different sleeve material. It is the first RS:Slalom evolution that does look a lot different.

The RS:Slalom MK3 5.5 was the best (fastest) Neilpryde I had ever owned, interesting would be if the MK4 also suits speedsurfing well?? Will the X6 or X9 be faster??? Will Martin van Meurs again use it for speed, or maybe other speed teamriders?? Will it be the same price??

**I recently discovered in my brother his new RS:Slalom 6.2, the X6 430 did look much more balanced than my X9 EVER did.... damn...

Found at:

09 October 2010

No Speed World Cup in 2010

Not so good news from:

Unfortunately we have to announce that the event in France is not working out as hoped for, which means we have to cancel the 2010 ISWC world championships. It is not yet sure if the event will still go ahead as "French Cup" as in the past years, we will keep you updated on that.

The year 2010 has been an unlucky one for both windsurfer and kiteboarder speed fleets, as the economical crisis has hit us hard and all major events had to be cancelled. On the other side the national events have been constantly growing with fleets exceeding 60 participants - that gives us hope for the future.

For next season we plan to run a series of speed grand prix timed with GT-31 GPS devices presented by LOCOSYS - only time will tell if there will be big world cup events as in the past as it all depends on the economical development at the hosting venues.

Next coming up now is Weymouth Speed Week starting on October 16, and the ongoing speed world record attempt in Luderitz, Namibia, this month.

08 October 2010

New Swedish National Record!!

Within 90 minutes Luderitz, Anders Bringdal did officially 43kn

04 October 2010

Trial and error

Trial and error is sometimes a good way for interesting findings, in the windsurfbusiness I don't see much extreme things. But there are plenty of handy windsurfers willing too sacrifice time and equipment for science!! Here 2 amateur projects, I like to read about such projects. I often don't believe this experiments perform better in most conditions, but there always a chance of getting usefull information..

Project 1 "twinfin formula"

Goal making it possible to surf on shallow waters in low wind. I think this solution could be interesting

PS begin 2010 I read something about twinfin speedboard testing. Don't remember who did this, anybody knows more??? Any findings???

Project 2 "Asy fin"
I think this australian project is a bit more extreme.  It is ment to improve performance at some point. I wonder which side will be better, I would bet with left foot in front will be faster...

02 October 2010

Speedsurfing La Franqui

Here a nice video from last La Franqui trip by Tjitse Spitse and filmed by Barry van Lingen. Including surfing/ lifestyle, it gives an idea of the current speedsurfing scene

01 October 2010

Speedspot Strand Horst Trouble???

The article is in dutch, but in short: Harderwijk (the city) would like to build some houses at the shoreline of speedspot Strand Horst and closing the spot for a long period. Also it is unknown how much speedspot will disappear.

The dutch Watersportverbond raised objections against this.

Sorry I can't help thinking when Strand Horst is not suitable for speedsurfing events anymore. Wouldn't that change a lot for our national speedcompetition. Maybe it would change the competition in a good way...