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22 February 2011


Sometimes the fins are also old
In Australia forum I found this very original topic about a bit strange but FUN competition. Going as fast as possible on a speedgun from the Bic Allegro era. Yes I am talking about boards over 20 years old. I have a weakness for these out-of-the-box ideas/competitions, its just fun to follow, but also fun to do yourself.

This Bic looks like new,
it should be in some speedmuseum
Its getting very clear to me the downunder speedsurfers are very good in keeping the sport FUN, this gives me a very positive look on speedsurfing downunder. And I definitly think we (in europe) have to try also be social at all times and fun focussed in media about speedsurfing.

The forumtopic:

I highly recommend  to check websites from australia like seabreeze, gpsteamchallenge and KA72. All three examples are very open minded, positive attitude and speeeeeeed. Most of the times it just makes me smile to read the adventures.

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Redsurfbus said...

A guy I see occasionally uses an early 90's speed board, with a really old wave fin. I was gutted when he borrowed my GPS and beat a lot of my PB's with one run!
It was in a force 10 though.....

You are completely right about making it all a lot more fun to get more media interest.

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