iSonic speed special W54 in red zone (43kn)

starboard isonic speed special W54
Photo of equipment used (token late 2010)
STOKED, bizarre, Crazy, abnormal. What A day, totally unexpected!?! New personal records for W54- GPS_2 300 - Reflex 6.2. The sweet water still in frozen state at some places!!

Check the speeds here:

Today I went buying a new harnass (since my others are broken or bended). At the Amstelmeer I saw "the Brace wind direction was there". Also a lot more wind than expected.

Soo managed to get Peter and Marcel (living close to the spot) to go sail with me. The choise for W54 was easy, this was the only speedboard in the car. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow, today it came together and I was lucky to see this in time.

On the water the speed increased every run. I started with 37kn run and ended with 42kn run. Still there is even more to come for the W54, I used a damaged GPS_2 300 (new fin was planned March or soo). The new Dakine Harnass (thx Erik/Kater for the recommendation!!) made my day, the best runs I was
only sailing with the harnass (my arms were gone, no more energy). Soo from ideal trim point of view there can be made some little improvement. Who knows I can crack someday the 43kn average barier on this 54.5cm wide board :) :) :), this is crazy stuff for someone near 80kg bodyweight.

Best 2011 speed day soo far, good teameffort ;)

Back in GPS top 10, hehehe.


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  1. Niceeee!

    You don't have to drive 2400km for some topspeeds these days. ;-)

    And with the windy weekend in sight,I suspect that the top10 will be dutch after the weekend...

  2. Thanks, good way to start February, second month windsurfing in 2011..

    Maybe 2011 will be a very good windsurfing year

  3. Great stuff Eric on a "Light Wind" speed board!