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31 January 2011

Interview David Gollick about

On facebook I saw and there are a lot of things going on last 12 months. Also received emails from readers with questions about the finshop. So it was about time for a interview about this new service!

Why did you Start
For years I struggled to get hold of high quality Windsurfing Fins, I found that most stores had a handful of old stock and were not knowledgeable enough in this area. On this basis I assumed that many other Windsurfing and Kitesurfers would have similar frustrations and was born. Over the past 18 months we have worked hard to bring together 14 Fin Brands with a massive variety in price and design variation. Our web presence is now very strong and most searches for either product or brand will place us on the first page of Google worldwide. We have recently introduced our International Riders Team were a handful of experienced riders promote the importance of the Fin and are there for help and advise.

When I look at there are many different fins for sale. How does it work and do you have most fins in stock?
Most of our popular Brands are in stock, although with so much choice it is hard to get it right all the time. We order fins all the time and if a customer wants a fin we do not have then normally it will arrive within a few days. Some Fins are custom made which take longer to arrive but this is stated at the outset of the order before the customer pays. Not all Brands are quick to respond to orders due

29 January 2011

Amstelmeer fishnet update!

Not so long ago I crashed into a fishnet at the Amstelmeer, you can read more about this HERE. Yesterday I had a very positive call with the fisherman. Conclusion was we have to work together and make it good for both windsurfing and fishing in wintertime. In summertime there were never problems.

From now on I (and Jeroen Labots) get an email about the fishing locations. I don't guaranty but will do my best putting this information online soo every windsurfer can check if the Amstelmeer is clear (or which places are safe). When checking the last 7 days blogposts on should give you enough information about the Amstelmeer and safety/fishingnets

The fishingnets are now removed, soo it is safe to windsurf on all regular Amstelmeer places.

26 January 2011

There is no better workout than windsurfing!

January 2011 has been a good month so far, we have windsurfed many times in the Netherlands. Now at least till the weekend below zero  Celsius at night :(, so maybe some icesurfers get some action. Lets hope it becomes warmer at the end of this week.

Just found an almost once in a lifetime fact. I did in 2011 more distance than overall-distance-king Gerlof Hansma. OK I did 7 sessions and Gerlof did only 4 sessions. But I am on top now ;). Overall-distance in one year is not something high priority, teamchallenge and maybe one great distance session will have high priority (ofcourse beside at least one really quick session)

Now the influence of GPS team challenge is visible, no way I would have  done a 150km session with 4 degrees Celsius at the start. The workout was great, my legs have to recover today, but no worries it is anyway to damn cold to windsurf. Really happy with the fact we did windsurf in January.

Overall I think the teamchallenge does make me a better windsurfer, this is good!

25 January 2011

Results Headeditor speedsurfingblog

3th in current 2011 worldranking
5th alltime overal individual
22th (out of 3000++) in 2010 worldranking
Teamcaptain 2nd team in 2010 GPSteamchallenge (
Best Topspeed over 45+kn
Best Average 43+kn

Latest highlights:
-Starboard iSonic Speed Special W54, average GPS speed 77,31 km/h (41.74kn)
-Sonntag-Fins GPS_2 30cm, average GPS speed 77,31 km/h (41.74kn)
-Starboard iSonic 107 woodcarbon, best 10sec average run 66,91 km/h (36.12kn)
-Sonntag-Fins SL-P 35cm, best 10sec average run 66,91 km/h (36.12kn)
-Sonntag-Fins SL-S 40cm, topspeed 67 km/h (36.17kn)
-Starboard iSonic 86, average 1 hour speed 47,69 km/h (25.75kn)
-Sonntag SL-S 30cm, peak speed 77,67 km/h (41.94kn)
-Severne Reflex 5.6, average GPS speed 81,09 km/h (43,79kn)
-Starboard iSonic Speed Special W44, average GPS speed 81,09 km/h (43,79kn)
-Severne Reflex 7.0, best 10sec average run 75,38km/h (40,7kn)

24 January 2011

Speedteam Lauwersmeer Intro

Here it is Ingolf his movie about the upgraded 2011 speedteam Lauwersmeer. Have fun guys!

22 January 2011

Alice Arutkin joins Sonntag-Fins!

Great news, now the Sonntag Fins team has 3 men and 3 women. I believe these different sources of feedback are good for the Sonntag philosophy, making fins specific for each rider needs (tall, short, strong, light or heavy + speed, slalom, matchrace, formula or freeride).

Alice her website:

Speed equipment weight (Now versus 3 years ago)

Three years ago just started as my personal blog. One of the very first english articles was about my equipment weight (check the article here).

Now I thought lets compare my 2008 speedset with my new equipment. Now it turns out the total weight is exactly the same! Everything got lighter except the Enigma SDM mast is heavier than the RDM I used and the the Reflex 5.6* is heavier than Vapor 5.5.

*A part of the sailweight difference can be explained because the added stickers in the reflex 5.6 also it was slightly wet and dirty during measurement today.

21 January 2011

Gaastra Vapor 2011

gaastra vapor 2011 background
Click the picture for a new background ;)
Just got an email from Bert den Boer, with the new gaastra vapor information included. Most will know Dan Kaseler is no longer responsible for the Gaastra sails, this Vapor is the very first "Peter Munzlinger Gaastra". If I have to guess the new feeling, a slightly more neutral feeling, I guess the new sails will have much more crosswind speed to start with. Exciting times for Gaastra Riders!!!

Gaastra Text:

20 January 2011

RRD X-Fire 2011

rrd x-fire 2011 v3
The brand new 2011 X-Fire
I just got this email from Marcel Braas with PDF and have to share the new RRD X-Fire. Just because they look great, soo for all RRD fans and speeders the stats:

RRD text:
The X-Fire V3 is the most complete slalom range ever developed by RRD. Nothing has been left out when designing these race winners.
Countless design and testing hours has produced the best boards on the market with the introduction of several important new
features plus an ultra lightweight yet strong full carbon construction in key models. Feeling is believing. Try one today!

18 January 2011

Links - 150 windsurf Blogs

Now the newest list with links to all blogs I know, new are the catagories. Just contact me to add your blog (because I don't know everything online ;) ). This list contains over 150 blogs (most are regular updated) about windsurfing. Click on the title "Links -  Blogs" to see the whole list (when looking from homepage), and check out if your favorite blog is on the list.

Windsurfing Holiday/Location Blogs About windsurfing in Argentina Learning windsurfing in Argentina  About windsurfing in Bonaire About 'in the flow' windsurfing
experiences, and about windsurfing in Croatia About windsurfing in Colombia About windsurfing in Malaysia About windsurfing at Kanaha Kai Maui About windsurfing at Maui About windsurfing in Maui About windsurfing at UK South Coast (wavesailing) About windsurfing in Brazil About windsurfing in Brazil About windsurfing in Ireland About windsurfing at South Coast of Oregon About windsurfing in Gruissan/ Leucate (South France) About windsurfing between Argelas and Gruissan (South France)

16 January 2011

Dangerous fishtraps on Amstelmeer!!

Today I got shaken up, full crash into a fishtrap at 67.5 km/h (36.5kn) on the Amstelmeer. Or should I say windsurfertrap?? Broke 1 fin, harnass +line gone..Lets start with the beginning.

Yesterday I got the 2011 Starboard Futura 93 from Hans Kleingeld to try, did also some windsurfing at Strand Horst. This morning I did a quick check if the Brace would be OK, but it didn't.

Soo went to the Amstelmeer, nice sunny weather, strong wind. PERFECT to explore the new futura potential. At the schapendijk I saw this fisherman again in his boat (I told him about the problems we had), it turned out he worked hard and even more dangerous lines in the water now (I guess he didn't understand me). Rigged my 6.2 and SL-S 34cm. First reach was powerfull, but a bad feeling (everywhere could be a new fishtrap). After the first gybe and back I hitted a new fishtrap at lower speed. After this on the way back a low 60km/h run

The first real run (35kn)  I decided to open the throttle more and it went well, not completly balanced (but futura doesn't mind this). Hitted nothing, all OK. Back again a high 60km/h run.

Second run it went wrong,  I hitted the fishline (in my best run). I knew my fin was gone, about 1 or 2 sec I was still on the board, but the wind/waves got too strong and I was full downwind, full catapult. Now I can tell you without a fin it is DAMN hard to brake!! The equipment felt like even accelerating. I was damn happy the fin broke from safety point of view, it gave me 2 seconds to respond, I bet if it wasn't a strong gust it would be OK to brake 'normal'. Still sore feelings I had soo much good memories with this fin, but called Joerg and ordered a new one.

Speed vs Time during crash
I had no other fin with me, soo sitted on the futura and floated to Lutjestrand, this took almost 50minutes. Yes, in water around 3 degrees Celsius... Here wad1team members Gauke and John picked me up, and I was damn lucky they saw me crash! And it could have been soo much worse.

Here you can find the GPS-speedsurfing details:

About the Futura 93, first experience was great! Sonntag SL-S 34cm is working perfect and the futura has taken speed&control to new levels. I have to test more (now only 23 minutes time on water), but after today I wouldn't be affraid to chose the Futura 93 as my "90-liter-speedweapon", the fact I had not found to ultra balanced settings yet but still the board was very much in control! Very good value for money (you even get a fin). Next time I try to reach close to my Amstelmeer PR.

About the fishtraps, I will definitly will do my very best to get these fishtraps at some safe depth or safe location. Not acceptable for a spot visited by thousands of windsurfers/sailors and other water recreants. I windsurf at the Amstelmeer since 2006 and never experienced soo much trouble.

13 January 2011

Down Under Youngsters

Just read 2 impressive stories which I like to share:

First meet Alex Halank (AUS2001) (I guess born in 2001??)
Carbon Art interview
Winner 2010 Starboard Prokids IFCA Freestyle World Championship

He wants to be the youngest ever to reach 30kn!! Go for it Alex, these carbon art boards should be perfect!! This is nice feature of Carbon Art boards, these will be customized to the riders needs (example: just check footstrap position).

Alex his current speedsurfing personal best  you bet severne sails are fast ;)

Also meet Izaak Perkins, fastest gpsteamchallenge junior. He just broke 44kn topspeed! Izaak used Neilpryde and JP speed equipment and a KA speedfin.

Good to see some speed action downunder by some young guys. Both ofcourse with a dad who also likes some windsurfing with GPS

11 January 2011

Black Project Fins Type S - Interview Tom Hammerton
Answers: Tom Hammerton, Designer, Black Project Fins
Not so long ago I posted a preview of this new findesign and had afterwards a short facebook message from Chris Freeman who suggested I fire away some questions for Tom Hammorton about the new speedfins, and  we speedsurfers always like to know more about new things ;)

1) The Black Project Type S 29 and 32 Type S fins look like being perfect for World Cup speed surfing. Are these also made for GPS records on flat water, or is there something additional planned to use for GPS speeders (who mainly surf on flatter water)?

The Type S is definitely good for World Cup Speed. It is a real world speed fin (rather than a pure canal fin) and can handle a wide range of conditions. The Type S was developed on Maui in quite challenging conditions. Basically speed sailing involves sailing through heavy chop and surf hunting for small patches of flat water between the waves. So I developed a fin that has a lot of control and is super stable with great acceleration. It is a true speed fin as the proprietary laminar flow foil is designed specifically for very low drag at low angles of attack found on a deep broad reach. For most people this fin will work best for them in most conditions.

I have put the 26cm to the test with a very over powered 7.3 weather and never had any control issues and recorded 36 knots in pretty rough conditions (29cm would have been correct size).

I am however working on a new asymmetric fin specifically for very high speeds and super flat water. This fin may only be available as a custom order item as there are not that many people who can really get the most out of it. I might do a moulded carbon version if there is enough demand. The Type X with not be sold by length but by a speed rating; 40, 45, 50+ knots!

Type S in finbox
2) With the given rake and outline I guess the profile is very speedy yet not to thin, something like @ 40% thickest point and 9.5-10% thick at the base. Did I guess right and could you tell more why you chose such a profile?

That is classified - but you are fairly close! The foil is optimized angles of attack associated with speed runs where it maintains laminar flow over a large portion of the chord. It is not prone to laminar bubbles and can go to a very high AOA before stalling (spin-out) so you can be confident it won't mis-behave. In simple terms it is designed for broad reaching and user friendliness and can be sailed back upwind relatively easily. The current foil is the result of 3 years of development and is very well refined.

3) Finish of fins this is a HOT topic for gps speedsurfers, especially trailing edge is often not that great. Now the Black Project Fins have this print on the trailing edge, I am afraid the trailing edge is not that great finished (round thick), please tell me this is not the case??

Type S
The trailing edge is square and 0.4mm thick. I did some protos with thinner TE but they were extremely fragile and showed no benefit. Don't worry it is the correct thickness! The "paint" adds virtually no thickness to the fin - this has to be seen to be believed. I don't have printed graphics on my fins because screen printing disrupts the flow and causes an early transition.

4) What about one foot off versus length for the Type S fins? 

I don't really look at that. Total wetted area, loading and water state are the most important considerations. I know some people want a simple answer but there are no shortcuts to speed. The system as a whole has to be balanced and work together, so single specific number does not really mean that much.

5) Do you have anything to add about the Black Projects Fins for speedsurfing, maybe how the Type R fins perform for speed?

Type R
The best performance for the Type S is reaching 125 degrees or deeper off the wind. For a tight course the Type R will be better suited. It has a thicker foil and a much wider (but not as deep) low drag bucket and has optimized performance for angles 80 to 110 degrees off the wind. Between 110 and 125 degrees it is a bit of a toss up and the faster fin will depend on the type of board. Martyn Ogier used the Type R almost exclusively on the Speed Tour as it was better suited to the less than ideal conditions and tight courses that the events were held in.

I think the best selling point of the Type S is that it just gives you total confidence. For a start it is durable, I have hit coral heads and turtles without doing any damage beyond some fine scratches. It is easy to sail with great control and won't let go unexpectedly. And of course when you catch that gust you know you are just going to take off in a massive burst of speed!

09 January 2011

Windsurfing in the cold

Now suddenly windsurfing 2 days in a row (weeks of snow, ice and other bad stuff). After some time sitting onshore it is fun to go out on the water again. December was not possible to surf and I had no problems with that 2010 was great. But January 2011 is one big surprise so far...

Session 1
Session 2

The first session was rather fast, I always have this feeling the first session. What normally feels 30kn now feels like 40kn. Was quite heavy session, gusty extreme cold water. And this extreme cold water plus my "survival at sea-diploma" conflict a little bit.

Basicly the bottleneck was to rebalance a little bit safe musclepower. The second day same story on the Amstelmeer (with very little ice near Lutje), however the sun was very helpfull, at one point too hot in my new spartan wetsuit :)

Maybe there is global warming after all, hahaha. Watertemp 2 degrees air between 5-8 degrees celsius last days.

05 January 2011

Rallye raid Dakar 2011 & windsurfing
At home my brother Wouter is huge fan of the Dakar rallye and so this means I watched most  reports of this legendary rally last years. Started to search more about this rally, it has similarity with our passion speedsurfing only more expensive. Enjoyed really watching this rally it is challenging, each year I recognize more and more mistakes&wins and this makes me feel I am part of the game . Soo cool something big like Paris-Dakar exists for rally riders. The closest to Paris-Dakar rally for windsurfing is Le Defi???

A speedcrossing event of 10-15 days windsurfers/ sailors / kiters total 60 hours of sailing something like 1000 NM distance should be doable (crossing some ocean). It won't be a recordattempt just a spectacular show, from flat and fast waters to huge waves. Yeah dream on :), from organise point of view nearly impossible to guaranty reasonable safety, but Paris Dakas is also dangerous and therefor interesting. Hardcore action it will be and count me in. Have anyway this plan to do some high speed 25-30NM crossings in 2011, lets see if it is fun anyway to go fast on a reach longer than 2sec-10sec- 60sec ;). It just reminds me of Sarah her challenge which is total 3500km or almost 1900NM, this is pretty amazing when she pulls this off by her own. And when she has enough sponsors she will start in Dakar which brings me back at the current rally Dakar 2011 ;)

This windsurfing year should start any minute now, ice is almost melted

03 January 2011

DPA compact slalom

203cm long, yeah thats compact. Nice carbon rails will add the needed stiffness, smart to make the carbon visual... I think this board should be fast like any other copello I have raced against.

It looks like copello uses through his whole windsurfboard range a widest (outline) point in front of the masttrack, the slalom-mini-board-concept is no exception.

more info at: or

02 January 2011

Wingssails Speed Special 5.6

Stefano Basso now made a pure 100% supercompact speedsail. The proto/custom sail is made for a dutch speedsurfer, its not me, he is fast. I cannot tell as promised I promised him, so speculate.....

01 January 2011

Become Author

We are looking for ways to make even more interesting to read. Therefor we are looking for "experts" in speedsurfing (related) subjects. We are looking for passionate speedsurfing writers. Examples of expertise "Do-it-yourself, speedsurfing in Australia/ USA/ etc)". example: Headeditor his expertise is Speedsurfing in the Netherlands, Tuning Windsurfequipment, Windsurf Development, Blogging

It is not needed to publish X number of articles, quality is definitly most important! Also the main speedsurfing message should be about fun and not only records.

Do you think you could be an expert writing for Please send an email to headeditor and answer these questions:
-What is your "expertise"?
-Explain more about this expertise related to speedsurfing? (some example subjects)
-What is your goal when writing on