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28 January 2012

Close footstrap position best? Read this and think again

If you think the smaller distance between front and backfootstrap the better, read this and think again. Maybe adjusting stance on boards is not always the best solution...

Making the distance smaller between footstraps is kind of like getting in a racecar, move the carseat in front position. Now you don't have to push the pedal because your right foot is pushed on full thottle, might be fine on the straight/flat. But full throttle in every corner or bump you will lose your advantage and I hope you can find some way not to lose grip and crash the car. Corners and bumps happen quite a lot is real windsurf conditions, straight racetracks on the water are rare.

First thing to know, for speed its way more important to keep the backfootstrap in most rear position. The distance between footstraps comes second, having hard time keeping your front foot in the strap can also often be found by sailtype. For example the extreme neilpryde rsr has not so much front footpressure, (you need closer stance compared to others, even sometimes the board needs to be adjusted and you need to make new footstrap positions...). Other cases like my severne reflex (especially the first one) had loads of frontfoot pressure, I actually had to make the stance 5cm wider compared to a NP. For the real speedaddicted windsurfer you could try adjust your sailtype by changing mast bendcurve- stiffness, but collecting 100% masts is quite an expensive hobby... 

HINT: If you like to sail with a very very very small sail, trimmed very very very powerful (like Martin van Meurs). You're most likely the guy having problems with a to wide stance.

2nd HINT: Well if your frontfoot is still flying, no matter which sail you take... Try a smaller fin, or try to give the fin more rake

3th HINT: Still problems huh? Now if you like to sail with the harnasslines exactly on the right spot this might be the problem. Its easier/better to move the harnasslines just a touch to the back..

4th HINT: Oh no, your frontfoot is still not touching down and making the ride NO FUN? Maybe you're just that unlucky guy and 1 or 2 parts of your quiver absolutely don't match for your weight/size... Well easiest (and often cheapest) is just to try something else. Shit happens, sorry.

PRO-style: The real PRO speedsurfer has ofcourse 2 ways (you need a lot of equipment to achieve this):
- very very very small sail, trimmed very very very powerfull ; just in case there water is easy (chopless) and going straight downwind is the only thing to do there.
-normal trim, let say 7.0 optimized in a windrange from 18-28kn. Just to blast away from everyone on tight courses 70-110 degrees.

Hungry for even more? Where does this problem flying front feet come from? The placement of center of effort of the sail, read more here

2 Responses:

Anonymous said...

leuk artikel, het valt mij op dat veel mensen hun voetbanden in het midden zetten, veel te neutraal, in principe kunnen ze alle 2 naar achteren...speed!

gr Edwin

Anonymous said...

The following post back in 2010 suggested quite a narrow footstrap position (shoulder width apart) and forward (rear foot strap screw in line with the leading edge of the fin).

Has the design change so much since so that now the recommendation is for back footstrap all the all to the back?

Also in the article mentioned above from 2010 picking a fin of the measurement of the board at 1' off seems way too big?

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