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03 March 2012


Karpathos, Greece

01.06.2012 – 30.08.2012
Notice of Race (Ver. 1.0)

The Event
As the event includes various disciplines (challenges) of speed/slalom surfing, the event is named as the Odyssey of Speed; in the tradition of the ancient Greek hero Odysseus, who had severaladventures to overcome.

The philosophy of this challenge should be to bring together people from around the world, which enjoy the same passion of windsurfing in strong winds at high speeds. Therefore the participation is open for everyone in the windsurfing community from all skill levels from fun sailors up to serious including professional level.

Rather than focussing on maximum speed only, the Odyssey of Speed is dealing with various
disciplines of speed/slalom surfing. By this way we would like to motivate also the 'normal' Greek
Summer windsurfers to get involved, who might be reluctant to compete on pure and specialized
speed events and/or who might not have the highly specialized equipment. This year we will also
have a dedicated ranking for those competitors, which are competing with non-speed equipment
(see details below).

The Odyssey of Speed will be based on current GPS-measuring standards and rules. Due to
generous sponsoring we will have LOCOSYS GT-31 GPS Units incl. waterproof AQUAPAC cases
available on-site for renting at no cost. We also try again to have attractive offers available on-site
for purchasing the GPS equipment.

Finally our sponsors are giving very attractive prizes for the winners of the event.

The Odyssey of Speed will take place on the island of Karpathos, Greece.
The island of Karpathos is famous for its steady and strong wind conditions in summer and also
well known from past World Cup events and championships in Speedsurfing. The three bays of
Afiartis named Paradise, Gun and Chicken Bay are the perfect location offering various kinds of
windsurfing conditions, plenty of space on the water and perfect infrastructure at the various surf

However, the event shall not depend on a certain location and venue, except sailing in the waters
of Karpathos.

The Odyssey of Speed will take place from the 01.06.2012 until 30.08.2012.


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