SUP 11-City Tour, there was a time windsurfers did it too

After I saw about thousand pictures comming by of the 11-City SUP tour, that was the moment I googled "elfstedentocht windsurf". And guess what (at the time when I was learning how to walk) windsurfers did it too. Inspiring.

Maybe thats why the average age of windsurfers is higher compared to other sports. They still know about these inspiring times and events around windsurfing... What would be the best windsurfkit today to do the Elfstedentocht?


Erik Loots

Erik is windsurfer for 10+ years. In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter. Erik likes adventures, explore and to challenge himself. During his life he is trying to get the best out of it and have respect for the earth, nature and future generations. The modern world is about sharing, in this blog Erik shares his experiences, selfreflection and lessons learned.

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